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What drives cats away? Odors unpleasant for cats

Caring for a cat can be very rewarding. Like everything, however, it also has its downsides. Cats sometimes squeeze into places that they are not allowed to enter. A common problem is also, for example, nibbling plants or scratching the couch. Wondering how you can fix it? Read our article and find out what repels cats.

What drives cats away? Smell!

The most effective method of scaring a cat away from a certain place is to use some sort of smell. Cats are famous for their excellent sense of smell. They need it to function properly. Fortunately, you can be tricky and use their greatest asset against them. It may not sound very nice, but knowing what drives cats away will help you avoid a lot of harm and unpleasantness. Training cats is not easy – so it’s worth learning all the secrets that can help you.

Smell that repels cats

What smells do cats dislike? Lucky for you – many. Some more, some less. You will surely find one that will scare your cat away and you will like it. Find your favorite fragrance that you can use in your home. The list includes items such as:

  • citrus – especially lemon. Its sour, intense scent can be felt from a distance. It is enough to sprinkle the place with a few drops of lemon juice or other citrus. You can also use citrus peels interchangeably;
  • geranium – the oil alone or the entire plant in a pot or soil is enough. Its smell is pleasant to humans and very repellent to cats. It also has an additional advantage – you can use it in the kitchen to treat a sick throat and make delicious drinks;
  • Eucalyptus, menthol, camphor – essential oils of this type are effective in deterring cats because they are irritating. However, they evaporate quickly, so it is worth combining them with something else that will scare cats;
  • cinnamon – capsaicin contained in it is toxic to cats. So if you want to use it to scare the cat away, you have to be very careful not to harm it;
  • paprika – cats try to avoid it, because similar to the above item, it is poisonous to them. It causes irritation of the digestive system, so if eaten it is very dangerous to their health;
  • some detergents, soaps, perfumes and deodorants – but be careful not to overdo them. Chlorine and high levels of odors can even poison your cat.
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A less pleasant smell that repels cats

Above we have compiled a list of flavors that are pleasant to humans and only irritating to cats. The list of unpleasant odors for these furry animals, however, is much longer. What deters cats if the above methods didn’t work? Below you will find more powerful fragrances. However, they have one drawback – they can be unpleasant to people.

This fragrance list includes:

  • vinegar – sour and intense, you can easily smell it even from a distance. It may not work at home because it will be very noticeable. However, in the garden or on the balcony, this is no longer a problem. A cloth soaked in vinegar should do the trick;
  • onions – not only the smell itself is quite unpleasant for most cats and people, but also irritating. Be careful not to overdo it, as it may irritate your pet’s delicate eyesight and smell.

What do cats dislike? Repellant garden plants

If you want your cat to stay only in the places designated for him in the garden, you can plant certain plants with an unpleasant smell for him. What deters cats and prevents them from digging up your flower beds?

Ordinary rue

Ruta in the garden can be a very valuable addition. Its leaves contain essential oils that smell beautifully – but it is too intense for a cat. The plant can also be used in cooking and drinking. It has many healing properties – but be careful not to overdo it. Large amounts are dangerous, especially for young children. However, they do not harm the cats – they only scare them away.

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What else deters cats? Lavender is perfect for this. It smells beautiful to humans, and also has a calming and relaxing effect. Cats find this smell far too intense, so they avoid this plant with a wide berth. You can also bring it home in a pot to teach your cat jumping into undesirable places. By the way – lavender is also a great deterrent to mosquitoes.

What drives cats away? Other home remedies

If no repellent smells give you the results you want, you are probably asking yourself – what deters cats really effectively? There are a few more ways that should efficiently drive your furry away:

  • manual or photocell sprinkler – cats do not like water, so you can use the sprinkler. In the garden, a photocell device that works automatically is a great solution. At home, however, it is better to use an ordinary sprinkler in a bottle – for example, one for flowers;
  • Sound and ultrasonic repeller – unpleasant, intense noise is definitely something that cats do not like. However, take into account that these products are often expensive and not particularly effective. So perhaps it is worth betting on more reliable, natural ways first;
  • protective mats with spikes – we are talking about rubber or plastic mats, of course, not sharp spikes. Use only products that will not hurt the cat’s paws. They should only be unpleasant enough to discourage cats from jumping onto a window sill, wall or railing.

You already know perfectly well what scares cats. Remember, however, that as well as scaring your cat away from certain places, you need to ensure that it meets its needs. They can cause scratching of furniture or other undesirable behavior. The smell that repels cats may turn out to be one of the most effective ways to drive your pet away. Use it simultaneously with positive reinforcement of the behaviors that are desired for you. This way, you won’t spoil your relationship with your pet.

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