Man’s best friend as we all know them to be has been unanimously voted the world’s most renowned and loved pets.
Their loyalty and friendly nature to their owners earned them that title.

These species of carnivorous domestic pets have over the years been involved in a lot of roles for their owners, Ranging from Security to guard homes and public places, For war, For sporting activities like Dog fights, For fitness, and For companionship.

Like every other mammal, they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. From the German Originated Great

Dane, which holds the record for the tallest Dog, to the English Mastiff, which is the heaviest at 250 pounds, down to the Chihuahua, which is the tiniest of them all. Some are all hairy and fluffy, while the others are all about the clear flesh.

In as much as these best friends of ours can be loyalists to us, We can not deny their animalistic nature and tendency to cause harm when provokes by either an enemy or even its owner.


Of course, dogs would always be dogs. They’ve been wired that way- To react aggressively when provoked.

As the Inland Taipan is known to be the most venomous member of the Reptilia family amongst others, There are also dogs whose bites have greater force than the rest.

Of course, every dog bite causes serious harm to the victim, but some are more harmful and stronger than others.

These dogs have the capacity to tear deep into bones, not just flesh, during an attack.

According to statistics, about 4.5 million people are attacked by these “friends” of ours yearly and most of the victims are kids not up to adolescence.

This article would give you an in-depth analysis of the bite force of several dogs. And at the end, we’d know which of them has the highest PSI, which is the Unit for measuring the force of a dog bite.

So for you that has been nursing plans of getting a dog and have no idea which of them would be most dangerous around or your kids, if you have any, you need to read this.

Before we continue, You should be of the knowledge that this list might vary with others, due to the fact that biteforce

is a very complicated thing to measure and that is because of the numerous considerations that may vary, such as,

Teeth location, Teeth size, Tendency of the dog breed to get provoked easily, and the country of measurement.



With a PSI of approximately 540, the ancient Dogo CANARIO sits comfortably in 6th place. Unsurprisingly, it is of the same origin as the Bull Mastiff, English Mastiff, and American Mastiff.

Dogo Canario has developed a “Trust no man but your owner” mentality and Sometimes, can be aggressive if not properly handled by the owner.

They can be very sensitive, especially to kids. It can be regarded as a ‘jealous’ dog, in the sense that, It rarely gets along with other breeds, so it’s best to keep it as the only dog in the surrounding.


For as long as over five thousand years, the English mastiff has been very much around. Originally made to act as war dogs.

Aggressive war dogs are always ready for attack instructions. But as the years went by, they have been curbed to serve as affectionate guard dogs.

However, it still has an aggressive part of it still left over. With its 552 PSI bite force, it is ready to inflict harm with its canines, on any unfriendly person around.

Taming an English mastiff can be very difficult and as such, requires a professional dog trainer.


Tosa Inu, Tosa-Ken, Japanese Mastiff

This big dog weighing up to 200lbs is of Japanese origin. With a bite force of 556 PSI, A tosa inu shares some similarities with a mastiff.

Its quiet and cool composure is a sharp contrast to the extreme vigilance it shows whenever it’s guarding its owner.

Like other dogs, Tosa Inu has no affection for other dogs. So, if you don’t want dogfights and barks every day in your home, better not get another breed alongside the Tosa Inu.


At number three, we have the ebony-fleshed cane, Corso. With its dark skin tone, It can be very scary and intimidating.

This is why it’s often used as a guard dog for houses or other establishments.

It was originally bred as a hunting dog, but it can also be trained to be a guard dog. Cane Corso rarely bark or bite,

unless the need arises. With a bite force of 700 PSI, It is placed as the third dog with the strongest bite force.


The “Big Brother” to the Pitbull, as it is often called. This 730 PSI canine is powerful enough to break bones at any part of the body if the need arises.

It is very difficult and not advisable to keep an American bandogee as a pet, if you are still new to the dog-keeping business, or if you have little kids around.

Though it can be very intelligent, it requires serious training from professionals to make it more effective and tamed.


Give it up for the Champ! This Turkish-bred canine exerts a terrific biteforce of 743 PSI on its victims.

They have a life span of approximately 15 years. Kangals are the perfect guard dogs due to their alertness and Intelligence.

So that is the top six list and as you can see, the Turkish Kangal takes the victory home with a 743 PSI bite force.

So if you’re looking for a dog that wouldn’t hesitate to inflict harm on Intruders, I guess you must have found the right one here.

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