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What do cats like? Find out how to ensure a good life for them

Many stereotypes and superstitions apply to cats. Some people do not understand cats and therefore do not know how to provide a friendly environment for them. Often times, people feel that you should leave your cat alone. Nothing could be more wrong! Cats need contact with humans, and there are many ways to make them happy. What do cats like? There can be many answers to this question! We touch on various aspects of cat’s life. Check what cats like best. Read more!

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What do cats like? Contact with the guardian

The myth that cats are loners is extremely common. Meanwhile, we are dealing with animals that need human contact very much. Of course, their personal boundaries and preferences are the product of many factors.

Cats that have been abused by humans, or simply have not had contact with humans for most of their lives, can keep their distance. Then you have to respect their boundaries and accept contact on their terms. However, most pets are very fond of cuddling and are eager to demand it.

What do cats like in everyday contact?

So what do cats like? Certainly stroking in the area above the shoulder blades. Feel free to touch their head, mouth and ears. This is where most of the glands that produce pheromones are located. This type of contact makes your cat enjoyable, and at the same time allows you to be included in the purr’s personal odor map.

How to make your cat happy? Make him comfortable

The belief that cats sleep most of their lives is a myth. Nevertheless, these animals spend a lot of time sleeping. It is worth noting that not only the time of sleep is important, but also its quality. The conditions under which the cat takes naps will have a significant impact on its sense of security and psychological comfort.

Deep sleep allows you to relax and rest. Free-living and outgoing cats rarely have the opportunity to take advantage of this type of rest. It is only possible when the cat feels safe. How can you help him with this?

  1. You can provide your purr with a very comfortable bed, but the most important thing is the place where it will be located.
  2. Deep sleep in the center of the house is a privilege of very confident cats, which have built a strong bond with their family.
  3. Typically, these animals take a nap in a quiet place. Place a bed in a quieter part of the house, but at the same time in a room where the pet can leave at any time.
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What do cats like? Raw meat!

The basis of the cat’s diet is meat. Moreover, the cat is a raw food and therefore should not eat any cooked food. Good-quality wet foods contain properly processed meat and offal, which are supplemented with the necessary nutrients.

Cats fed on ready-made foods, and not on a BARF diet, can eat raw meat. In an adult cat’s diet it may appear up to three times a week. The minced meat can be given to six-week-old kittens, but it must be done carefully.

What kind of meat do cats dislike?

We debunk the stereotype. Cats eating raw meat don’t get aggressive! For them, it is the most natural form of nutrition that is usually accepted very enthusiastically. What do cats like? Choose jagged pieces that include skin, veins, and tendons. In this way, you will stimulate the cat to bite and take care of the condition of its teeth.

What should they not eat?

  • avoid pork offal and wild boar;
  • never give your cat cooked bones.

As for the rest of the meats available on the market, you have full freedom.

What do cats like? A clean litter box

A cat’s litter box is the strongest odor trace, but a cat is an extremely clean animal. An uncleaned toilet is very often a great discomfort for him.

Tolerance is very different here. Some cats do not pay attention to the condition of the litter box at all. Others, in turn, deal with disgust and escape the dirty box as quickly as possible. You have to take into account that some cats will refuse to use a dirty litter box at all.

Cats and hygiene

Cats have a reputation for being smelly animals. The truth is, however, that a neutered cat whose litter box is regularly cleaned will not emit any unpleasant odors.

  1. Clean up your litter at least once a day.
  2. Schedule a complete litter change and litter cleaning approximately every three weeks. A clean and fresh litter box is what cats like best.

In this case, the hygienic aspect is also important. If there are several cats in your house, you must clean the litter boxes as often as possible. In this way, you minimize the risk of transmitting dangerous pathogens (including the very dangerous FCoV coronavirus).

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What do cats like? High vantage points

What do cats like about watching and playing? They are animals that value vertical space very much. While there are more ground-based breeds, cats tend to do better when they are able to climb. A tall scratching post is the absolute minimum you need to provide your purr.

And how to make a cat happy? Build him a highway at height. Jackson Galaxy, a well-known American behaviorist, coined the term “codification” (catification). It is nothing more than adapting the house to the cat’s specific needs.

How to provide a cat with adequate space?

The shelves that will create a safe route from the living room to the kitchen will be a real amusement park for your cat. High lairs or horizontal scratchers placed on the top floor of a bookcase are just examples. You are only limited by your living space and your own imagination.

What do cats like? Hunting fun

When asked what cats like, we have another answer. Hunting is one of the most important activities determining the rhythm of a cat’s day. At home, you can recreate the ritual of catching and eating the prey by playing. Want to give your cat lots of fun? Have fun with it as often as possible! Here are some tips.

  1. Instead of popular lasers, it is better to use a fishing rod that imitates the victim.
  2. You set it in motion, and the cat lurks, jumps, scratches the toy at the end of the fishing rod and bites it.
  3. Finally, he takes it in its mouth and leaves the room proudly with its head raised. In nature, consumption of the hunted prey would follow. So it’s good to give your pet a meal after the fun.

By recreating the hunting cycle at home, you provide your cat with entertainment and mental comfort.

How to make your cat happy? Offer him healthy delicacies

Some cats are bigger gourmands than others. With the candle, however, look for a little purr who will despise the delicious flavor. When choosing them, always follow the composition. Unfortunately, many of the colorful delicacies available in stores are fatty, unhealthy snacks full of grains and other fillers. Their regular administration can lead to obesity and health problems.

What delicacies will your cat like?

What do cats like about flavors? It’s best to simply bet on dried meat. Unfortunately, most of the offers on the market are aimed at dogs. Cat flavors are finer and should have a finer texture.

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Another interesting proposition are freeze-dried pieces of meat. They are natural, safe and healthy delicacies. However, remember not to give them too much, because they are high in calories.

What do cats like? Teethers!

Cats based on a wet food diet do not get too many occasions to chew and thus brush their teeth. Is it then necessary to include dry food in their diet? In no case! Better to bet on natural and healthy teethers.

Matatabi sticks are great for this role. This plant from Asia affects cats just like catnip – it encourages them to bite and play. Some cats are also very enthusiastic about dried rabbit ears, although their specific smell may be difficult for the household members to accept.

What do cats like? A varied environment

What is behind this term? Conscious caregivers assume that a safe cat is an indoor cat. Often in discussions on this subject, there are accusations that a pet in a house is suffering. Meanwhile, it is up to the guardian how the pet perceives the environment in which it lives. What do cats like? Lots of stimulation.

  1. The cat is not a maintenance-free animal. Needs a diverse environment.
  2. Provide him with a variety of hiding places, lots of toys, high vantage points, and regular contact with household members.
  3. In this way, the pet will avoid boredom and monotony, and thus also stress that is dangerous to its health.

What do cats like? Health and safety

Visiting the vet is usually not pleasant. That is why you might find this point a bit perverse in the text about what cats like. Meanwhile, the key to a pet’s well-being is health. Its basis is regular checkups at the vet. Here are some more tips.

  1. Get your pet used to traveling from the very beginning.
  2. The carrier should be an accessory well known to him. Let it stand in a prominent place.
  3. Under no circumstances should you take it out only when you are planning a vaccination.
  4. Visits to the vet can be positively conditioned. The first test is usually non-invasive.
  5. Take toys with you to the office. Make doctors sympathetic, distribute strokes to your cat and be friendly towards him. In this way, you will minimize the stress during visits.

Remember about vaccinations and deworming. Check the condition of your cat’s teeth and give him preventive examinations once a year. This is definitely more valuable than the most fancy toy.

How to make a cat happy – summary

Your cat will be happiest when you are able to respond to its expectations. Remember that these quadrupeds are animals that have specific species needs. According to many researchers, the process of their domestication is not complete. The better you learn to communicate with your pet, the better life you will provide for it. When asked what cats like, there is no simple answer. There can be a lot of them. We hope that our suggestions will help you understand your pet better.