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victim of poachers, the dog Sky does not give up on life

Sky is a free dog that has been roaming the neighborhoods and woods of the Sicilian island for several years Lipari.

Very sweet, sensitive and good-natured, the dog has always lived peacefully in a group, loved by the residents and regularly fed by the volunteers, who also sterilized her.

A few weeks ago, however, his life took a turn for the worse.

Sky is a victim of poachers

Precisely on 27 October last the volunteers of Enpa section of Lipari they receive an urgent report of a dog in trouble with a paw stuck in an iron trap from which a lot of blood comes out.

Such a trap used for catching game is legally prohibited. But despite this, the unscrupulous poachers have placed several in the woods of Lipari, and have also tried to kill Sky by throwing a rifle shotprobably seen as a threat to hunting.

The animal rescue operators immediately set about searching for and recovering this unfortunate dog, who, despite the continuous stalking, was found on November 11th.

An excruciating pain

For two weeks the poor four-legged suffers a lot but manages to survive despite the unbearable pain.

To save her life, she had to undergo a delicate operation during which she was due amputate the torn front leg.

However, Sky is recovering well from the surgery, eats heartily and is starting a path of gaining confidence towards the human being.

Messages from Enpa volunteers

The volunteers of the Enpa of Lipari hope that Sky will be able to regain the necessary strength to return to a life worth living.

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«Sky update: yesterday the vet removed the bandage and some stitches. Sky begins to move well even if with great fear. He has immense strength and never gives up », the volunteers of Enpa Aeolian Islands Section.

And they continue:

“Now we are looking for the best solution for you. Currently she is still in the structure but soon we hope you will find someone who can welcome her for her great beauty, sweetness and love ».

Enpa’s appeal to the institutions

At the recent opening of the hunting season in Sicily, the WWF had reported numerous poachers – the so-called poachers – who triumphantly displayed the carcasses of killed animals, often belonging to protected species, on social media.

The National Animal Protection Body joins the WWF’s appeal requesting the intervention of the Cites Carabinieri – body for the protection of species of fauna and flora protected by the Convention on international trade – of the operational anti-poaching section and crimes against animals in Lipari.

In addition to this, the Sicilian island volunteers launch a appeal to state, regional and municipal institutions to take serious action to put an end to the illegal hunting activities which are causing the death of thousands of innocent animals.

Who to contact for Sky?

Adorable and good-natured, Sky is medium in size, two years old and with her whole life ahead of her.

To offer her a home stall or adopt her, you can send a Whatsapp message to Eleonora on 339 263 0894.

Have a good life Sky ❤️

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