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turns and bursts into tears! (Video)

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It’s a wonderful time when you can make the dream come true someone, especially when it comes to that of their children.

This boy’s parents made sure he remembered this birthday of his for life!

Happy birthday!

The video posted on TikTok shows a smiling little boy as he opens presents for his 12th birthday. The first gift appears to be a walkie-talkie, but on closer inspection it’s not a toy at all – it’s soft and spongy. A very skeptical expression is printed on the face of the teenager.

The second gift is a soft toy representing a basketball. His mother asks him what it is and he replies: «They are toys for dogs».

The mother pretends to be surprised and says, “Are you serious, are they toys for dogs?” The boy still does not seem to have understood what is about to happen.

“I’m sorry my dear, I really think you need a dog!” Says the mother as the father enters the kitchen with something in his arms.

The best gift

The boy is literally speechless when he notices that his dad is holding an adorable puppy to his chest.

«Happy birthday!», Says the mother and the teenager, after a moment of extreme emotion that has left him breathless, begins to cry of happiness without taking his eyes off his new friend.

The boy approaches the little dog and caresses him reluctantly, still not being able to believe that the puppy is really his.

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Here are the very moving images:

According to the video, the boy had wanted a dog since he was 3 years old. Since his parents felt that he deserved it, they thought it was time to make his wish for him come true!

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