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Traveling with pets – how to safely transport a pet?

Probably each of us has friends who transport their quadrupeds in car transporters without embarrassment. Do you envy them the obedience of these pets? Do not worry! You too can transport your dog or cat safely and without harming anyone. You just need to know a few tips below.

Driving a car with an animal – what do the police say?

The problem is that basically not much. Why? Driving with an animal is allowed, and the driver may be fined only in one situation – when the behavior of the pet poses a threat to others. In a broader sense, the vehicle driver has the right to place the dog in a carrier, on a belt leash or in an imitation of a playpen on the back seat. In extreme cases, nothing will happen, i.e. you will not get a fine if your favorite sits calmly on the lap of the passengers in the back.

On the other hand, the lack of precise provisions of the Highway Code may turn out to be a pretext for issuing a ticket when the animal is not transported in a special pen. Application? Better to stock up on an extra seat for the pet.

How to safely ride with a dog and cat – start with a habit

An absolutely crucial thing when it comes to a smooth journey without unpleasant surprises. From an early age, your pet should get used to traveling. It will also be best to tame it with a transporter that matches its size. A very good method is to encourage you to enter the car crate on your own with your favorite treat.

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The dog or cat should feel comfortable in the carrier, at first when parked. Only then can you go on to the short rides so that your pet can get used to them. The issue of getting used to the car was further developed here.

Traveling with pets and compulsory stops

Usually dogs are more sensitive to riding in a uniform position. Therefore, when riding with your dog, you should make periodic stops for walks and replenishment of fluids. Just as you need to “stretch your bones” every now and then, so does the animal. Especially when it comes to adults.

Just walking around on the transporter is not enough. The dog will want to go out, so you should make such a stop every 2 hours. It is a bit different with a cat who likes to nap and spending a few hours in the car will not be anything extraordinary for him.

How to choose the right means of transport for a pet – transporters

Experts advise that your pet should have enough space during the journey to straighten up and change its sitting or lying position. Therefore, the most practical solution is to place the transporter in the trunk of the vehicle.

It will be a very good place to ride due to the limited opportunity to observe the rapidly changing scenery. The dog and cat will also be able to rest safely and not disrupt the journey of passengers and the driver. In some situations, however, equipping the car with a transporter will be impractical or completely impossible. What to do then?

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Transporting animals in public transport vehicles

When transporting a dog or a cat on a city bus, remember about the safety of your pet and other passengers. Usually all public transport in a city has similar regulations, so certain rules regarding animals are common. To be sure, it is worth reading the directions published by the carrier before the planned trip. However, it is assumed that the animal should be in a carrier or kept on a very short leash. Dogs must additionally have a muzzle.

The best solution will be to use a transporter that you have to put on your lap. It is also acceptable to place it next to the legs, but it must not obstruct the passage or affect the comfort of other passengers. Many carriers do not agree to place the pet carrier directly on the bus seat. The good news is that in most cases your pet’s journey will be free – but it’s worth checking in the regulations beforehand.

A trip with an animal by train and by plane

When you go on a long journey by train with your pet, always check the rules of the carrier in advance. It may happen that the transport of the animal requires a special carrier or the purchase of a ticket. In extreme cases, you will not take it on a trip due to the strict regulations.

In the case of airlines, the case may be slightly different. Often the rules related to the transport of animals depend on the policies of the countries you are going to. Therefore, find out if you can take your pet to the place you are flying to. Always put it in the transporter. The ticket price for it is determined by size and weight.

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Other ways to travel with your pet safely

Sometimes the journey is so short that you choose a bicycle instead of a car. This does not force you to give up transporting your pet. If your favorite is small, it will be a very good idea to put it in a special basket mounted on the steering wheel. Some of them are equipped with special closures preventing them from falling out. You can transport larger animals in bicycle trailer. They will provide full comfort for your pet who will be able to enjoy the journey with you. You attach such a trailer to the rear axle of the bicycle, just like the one for children.

Safe travel with animals – summary

Remember that there is no place for fun while driving. Your pet must be safe and must not be allowed to move suddenly.