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They see something swimming towards their boat: they are amazed! (Video)

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In July 2021, two friends, Brandon e Jasonthey were quietly fishing on their own barca along a river when they saw movement on the bank.

Suddenly, they realized that it was a small animal. He had just jumped into the water and was heading towards them.

They couldn’t believe their eyes!

As the animal approached, the men saw that it was a kitten! The feline, desperate, has swam with all his might until he reached the boat, where one of the men bent down to pull him out of the water.

But before the rescuers of the kitty, of a beautiful Redcould make sure of his condition, they realized that another kitten it was heading towards them!

Luckily, the second cat, also with the same red fur, was also an excellent swimmer and made it all the way up to the boat where his little brother was waiting for him.

Rescued and adopted!

Probably the kittens were abandoned and left to their own devices by the river bank.

With great foresight, they saw in the two boys the hope of salvation and they had the courage to throw themselves into the water and head for their boat, unconditionally trusting them.

Surely they must have been desperate to jump into the water and swim like that. Luckily, their rescuers had a Golden Heart and saved them without a second thought!

The two men (we should call them heroes) they brought the two kittens to safety and then they also found them some families forever.

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The two kittens were named River e Warrior. Pretty spot on names, what do you think?

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