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the video bewitches millions of people (Video)


They meet for the first time… what will happen next?

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Francesca Discipoli

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The arrival of a new pet at home it brings joy but also a little apprehension.

In fact, many owners wonder how they will react dogs and/or cats present already in the family.

It’s introduction time

The TikTok user leedog it has certainly helped to reassure a multitude of new owners.

She decided to adopt another dog because she thought her name was dog Luna need a new friend.

Then he had the idea of ​​posting pictures of his on the social network first meeting his dog and the new puppy of the family.

Magic moment

first surprise and a little impressed by that cute little ball of fur, Luna took a while before going to meet her new friend. But then, very quickly, love at first sight strikes between the two.

Viewed more than 3.4 million times, these images have sparked a lot emotion in animal lovers.

Here’s the video!

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