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the reason is inconceivable (Video)

It’s not just dogs that are heroes!

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Ilenia Colombo

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Herbie is a cat who has been euthanized and adopted by Janine DeMartini.

The cat repaid the favor by saving the life of the woman’s young daughter. An exciting story.

The strange behaviors of the cat …

As told in a video uploaded to YouTube by Animal Planetone evening in July 2014, Herbie starts exhibiting strange behavior.

The feline meows insistently and is restless. At first Janine doesn’t pay much attention to the animal, giving little weight to her behavior.

The moment Herbie walks into the woman’s room and jumps onto the bed, meowing as hard as he can, he realizes that something wrong. It is no coincidence that the feline is usually sweet, friendly and calm.

When DeMartini gets up, Herbie jumps out of bed and heads for the bedroom door. At that point he stops for a while and turns to her. Janine then realizes that the cat wanted her to follow him.

… They have a reason!

Herbie then leads her to her daughter’s room, the little one Isabella. When he opens the bedroom door he discovers one scary scenery.

Her daughter was making noises as if she were choking and her face was completely “buried” by the blanket.

“She must have rolled over or something,” Mom said in the clip, being overwhelmed by the emotions and memories of the accident.

Herbie doesn’t think twice: he immediately jumps into the crib and scratch the blanket to remove it from the little girl’s face. Without the animal’s intervention in waking the woman, the child could not have survived.

“He saved my daughter – admitted Janine in the video, wiping her tears – Herbie is really a hero.”

As a social worker, who has always advocated the benefits of animal-assisted therapy, Janine has yet another proof of the great importance of pets in our homes.

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