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the reason is all to laugh (Video)

As parents of little humans or furry little ones, we always hope that our puppies do well outside the home. And when the fateful moment of the first day of school arrives, the question is legitimate: will my child behave well?

However, the protagonist of today’s story did not expect to receive a call just twenty minutes after leaving her four-legged friend at kindergarten.

Listen Ma’am, you have to come and get it back!

Ducky he is a 9 month old Labrador who lives with his padrona, Shawntel Selbyin Cincinnati (United States). On March 21st, the puppy was brought to thedog asylumbut things didn’t go as planned.

In a video posted on TikTokDucky recounts his first (and last) day of school in his own words: wanting to show off in front of his new four-legged friends, the little Labrador went towards the nursery fence.

«I thought it was a game for us, like “Who can jump over the fence”?», says the big dog in the video titled Tough to the bone!

Result? Ducky manages to escape, the teacher runs after him to retrieve him and, once caught, calls his desperate mistress to tell her to come and get the dog, described as a «security problem” for everyone!

@tateortot_ Bad to the bone #dogsofttiktok #fyp #foryou #funnydogs #dog #baddogsoftiktok #baddog ♬ original sound – Tater

A success

The video posted on TikTok had more than 500,000 views in just one day. With his prank, Ducky has become a star! Furthermore, Labradors are known to be mischievous dogs, who need a lot of mental and physical stimulation:

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“He always does something stupid. My days are full, but I can’t imagine a single day without him,” the owner told the American newspaper Newsweek.

What is certain is that if he avoided rewarding him with an ice cream after being a bad guy, perhaps Ducky would learn to respect the rules more. Be that as it may, looking at his funny face, we can’t help but laugh and forgive him!

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