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the finding leaves everyone incredulous


Eleonora Chias

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A 75 year old Spanish man Alzheimer’s patient gets lost in the woods and is saved by a stray dog. The incredible story it happened in 2018 a Burriana (Castellon)in the autonomous community of Valencia, Spain.

It was here that the elderly man, suffering from the disease, left and went into the woods. His disappearance dates back to the end of August when his relatives, frightened because they have never seen him come back, have alerted the police denouncing the departure of man.

The discovery of man and dog

Throughout the night, in this way, the rescuers searched for the elderly without success until, with the first light of dawn, they were finally managed to find it. The scene that presented itself to their eyes, however, was moving.

The man, in fact, was hugging a stray dog which – keeping him warm with his body – allowed him to spend the night without any particular physical consequences. When the policemen arrived, therefore, the gentleman was transported by ambulance but his new friend did not want to abandon him climbing alongside him on the rescue vehicle.

The happy ending for the hero dog

While the gentleman, still in a state of confusion, was being treated for a principle of hypothermia, therefore, a local animal rights association took over the dog and, after discovering that it was indeed a stray animal, she was ready to initiate the procedures for him to be adopted. When the man’s family uncovered the whole affair, though, he decided to keep the dog as a sign of gratitude and after this story, the four-legged hero has finally found the warmth of a family.

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