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the contents of the suitcase are heartbreaking


The inside of the suitcase was beyond belief.

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Kai today he can be considered a lucky dog, but his life has not been easy. In 2015 the then owner he had decided to sell it. Having found a buyer, she had made an appointment with him Ayr railway station (United Kingdom). But before the buyer could even make a decision, the unscrupulous old owner disappeared into thin air.

The prospective buyer, Fin Rayner, had his back against the wall. Unable to take Kai home, he left him alone at the station.

A lottery

Images of abandoned Shar Pei crossing have flooded the internet. There Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals thus he took care of Kai and did everything to ensure that he was adopted. Inside the suitcase, the old owner had left all the possessions of his poor four-legged friend, thus giving away everything that belonged to him.

Ian Russellan engineer from Glasgow, then got in touch with the shelter and as soon as he met Kai, it was love at first sight. Mr. Russell, who had lost his dog to illness just before the previous Christmas, decided to adopt him. The man later told the newspaper Mail Online That he felt like he had won the lottery.

In a subsequent interview, Russell revealed how people still recognize Kai from images of his solitary vigil on the Ayr station platform.

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