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the ad that nails bad kittens is hilarious (Video)

Jump To Your Favourite


Long live the cats … but not only!

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Grace Fontana

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A badly calculated jump and the new TV falls to the ground. A little walk on the table and the new tablet is scratched. A jump in the arms of your human and the cell phone flies from your hands. Nothing new, right? How often, if you have a cat in the houseyou will have happened to witness scenes like that?

And the whole thing is neatly highlighted in a new commercial from a well-known electronic products website.

The end of the world

The spot is worthy of an Alfred Hitchcock movie trailer. Made by the American videomaker Tom Kuntsalready famous for commercials of big brands, the video shows a series of very bad cats that destroy any electronic device that crosses their path with a wickedness that will make even Cruella Demon shiver.

And from so much evil they even come to invade all the streets and almost take control of the world, until ……….

Sorry cats, it’s not just you who have more lives!

Until a white cat with a fiery gaze arrives in front of a window on which it begins to scratch, but without being able to enter: inside, the technicians of a well-known website are working to repair the damage done by cats to their masters’ devices and bring them back as good as new!

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To the cry of “sorry cats, it’s not just you who have more lives”, the commercial tends to promote refurbished applianceswho come back to life as if nothing had happened, just like our cat friends!

More brilliant than that! Don’t miss the video!