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The 5 best videos of dogs playing with autumn leaves


Serena Esposito

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L’Autumn it is a wonderful season in which nature gives particular display of its beauty: dogs and humans they can therefore fully enjoy it with all 5 of their senses! Sounds, colors, smells, flavors, but above all leaves to step on and dive into!

Below is a collection of 5 video Instagram more fun when a dog enjoys autumn… plus a bonus!

1. What will be under these leaves?

These two 4-legged friends look like look for something under the leaves… They are very applied, what will they have heard?

2. “Disappearing dog” – New magic trick

Autumn leaves are too much fun for any dog ​​and each of them finds their own way to play with them: this little dog plays hide and seekunder the incredulous gaze of the big white friend who is looking for him!

3. What’s Below?

Also humans have a lot of funespecially when they can stimulate their 4-legged friends: this witty owner with his feet hidden under the leaves, pretends that there is an animal … and his Fido is immediately ready to flush him out!

4. A terrific seeker

His play was launched in the middle of the pile of leaves… but for him it is certainly not a problem! He throws himself on the heap and comes out victorious with the booty!

5. And the winner is …

Stella! The lively Labrador dives into the pile of leaves and only emerges afterwards 40 seconds abundant! What was under there so interesting?

Ok, one more … why Stella is incredibly skilled: retrieves his ball scattered in the pile of leaves in less than 30 seconds!

And this is the bonus… because it’s too funny not to look at it!

Thanks to all the dogs around the world for being able to make us smile even when the time starts to become grigio!

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