Talking parrot – what kind of bird is it and which species do they speak?

The talking parrot is a great attraction in every home. Such a pet can delight guests – if, for example, he mentions their names – and can bring a lot of joy to the household. It is impossible to get bored with such a bird, because you can always teach it a new word or sentence. Talking birds are usually very intelligent and need appropriate stimulation. Remember to spend a lot of time with your pet, otherwise it will become sad and depressed. Do you know which birds speak best of all parrots? Meet the species that are especially talkative. Read on!

Talking parrot – what makes a bird able to make the right sounds?

Producing the right sounds, regardless of the species of a given animal, depends primarily on the structure of its larynx and tongue. These two elements are most responsible for producing specific sounds, and in humans they allow for the articulation of words. In the case of birds, the lower larynx is made of interconnected rings that form something like a small box. The inside of the rings is built by special vibrating shells that allow the flow of sounds. The structure of the building varies according to the species of bird. The more complicated it is, the more likely the animal will be able to talk.

Can a talking parrot express its thoughts by speech?

When talking about a talking parrot, some people may suspect that the bird is able to communicate with its surroundings and thus express their feelings or thoughts. However, this is a false assumption. Birds that “speak” associate given clusters of sounds with a given situation and are able to repeat them better or worse. Therefore, there is no question of transmitting anything of your own, because everything is based on repetition. This works much like learning the commands with a dog. The quadruped does not know that the word “sit” means the act of sitting, but associates the word with the desired action. Birds also learn to repeat certain words without knowing what they mean.

Not just a talking parrot – other sounds that birds can learn

Most species of birds can easily repeat different kinds of sounds. Some are naturally great at words, but others find such complex clusters of sounds too difficult. However, they can be taught to repeat other sounds and master whistling or tapping sounds, for example. Some parrots learn different sounds from the environment on their own. Birds can then imitate, for example, the shutter of a camera, turning on a device or the whistling of a kettle.

Talking parrots – an overview of the most talkative species

While all parrot species can repeat sounds to some extent, not all parrot species will do the same well. A talking parrot that will repeat whole sentences is, contrary to appearances, quite a sensation. We present the most word-prone species of birds, which are:

  • żako;
  • amazons;
  • ary;
  • kakadu.

African Gray Parrot – a parrot that speaks the best

Properly raised and learned early to speak, the African Gray Parrot is by far the most gifted species of parrot. She can be taught whole sentences, dialogues and even poems that she will gladly repeat. The bird is very intelligent and can even associate specific activities with given words. Parrots can therefore be taught, for example, to say “bless you” after sneezing. African Gray Parrots are very sensitive and require a lot of care and patience from the owner.

Talking amazon parrots

In the case of amazons, the males are the most talkative. This talking parrot will be able to learn to speak, sing songs and even imitate laughter or crying. These pets are therefore very versatile. However, be careful with their upbringing. If not properly socialized, they can become very noisy and therefore extremely annoying.

Macaw – the most famous talking parrot

The multicolored macaw is the most frequently mentioned parrot that can talk. Although his skills are definitely inferior to the African Gray or the Amazon, he can still master over 100 words. The talking macaw can also repeat nursery rhymes or complete sentences, but it needs proper training. Consistency and patience are important here, as their lack may cause the bird to become too spoiled.

Kakadu – talking and… dancing parrots

Cockatoos are birds with a characteristic protruding tuft on the head. They are also characterized by great acting skills – properly trained, they can sing, dance and repeat words, giving a real acting show. They can also imitate other sounds in their surroundings, which makes them very popular. However, you have to be careful that the cockatoo parrot does not get on the owners’ heads. The dominant bird quickly becomes extremely noisy and nuisance.

Talking parrot – price depending on the species

The talking parrot will usually not be too cheap, unfortunately. Of course, the cost varies depending on the species, but for some, such as cockatoos, you can pay up to PLN 7,000. The most expensive species are the magnificent macaws. How Much Does a Talking Macaw Cost? The price is up to PLN 10,000 per individual. The African gray parrots are slightly cheaper and cost an average of 2,000 to 3,000 zlotys. The most popular wavy parakeets, which can be taught simple sounds (e.g. whistling), are very small expenses – they cost about PLN 100.

A talking parrot can be a unique companion that makes a lot of fun. However, it is necessary to ensure proper socialization of the bird. An improperly raised animal can quickly become excessively noisy, which will certainly disturb the household and neighbors.