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Solar contour – features of this species of parrot

The sun-leg is a bird that is far behind the more popular parrot varieties, such as parakeets or macaws. Despite this, many growers want to keep them at home mainly because of the unique color of their feathers. The solar horse is also distinguished by its activity and can be a noisy bird. This is an animal that requires specific conditions and will not be suitable for everyone. If you are wondering whether it is worth buying a contour, you need to learn as much as possible about it. Our article will allow you to get acquainted with this extraordinary species of parrot. Read on!

Parrot parrot – place of occurrence

Like most birds of this type, the solar contour is a species that likes a warm climate, close to tropical. It lives in South America and lives mainly in eastern Venezuela and north-eastern Brazil. It lives in the Amazon forests, where it lives among tropical plants. Usually, he chooses palm hollows as nests. There it settles and lays eggs. In the wild, these birds live in small groups of a dozen or so individuals. For this reason – like other parrots – this species should not be bred individually, but always at least in pairs.

Why is Konura endangered?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature recognizes this species of parrot as endangered. This means that birds are associated with a high risk of extinction within several or several dozen years. Although the species is not critically endangered, the declining trend in the population makes ecologists’ concerns about its extinction well-founded. Currently, according to estimates, between 1,000 and 2,500 individuals live in the wild. The extinction is the result of feather hunting, illegal sale for captivity and the cutting down of forests in which these birds have their nests.

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Konura parrot – distinctive features of the appearance

As already mentioned, the sunflower is an exceptionally beautiful bird. It is not large – it is usually 30 cm in size and weighs no more than 130 grams. It has a large black beak and distinctive rims around the eyes. The feathers, however, are the most beautiful. Most of the body is yellow, and the plumage around the head goes smoothly to orange. The wing tips are green and the tail often has a blue admixture. Males and females have the same coloration and it is difficult to tell them apart. Males are said to be slightly larger and have a square head with a flat forehead. However, the best way to find out your gender will be through DNA or endoscopy.

Solar contour – character and typical behavior

The sunbird is an intelligent bird that likes to perform tricks and learns new things quickly:

  • she is very sociable and needs contact not only with other parrots, but also with humans;
  • requires care and attention of the caregiver, and when deprived of contact with others, it becomes lethargic and sad;
  • he is usually attached to the whole family, although he will naturally be most fond of the people with whom he spends the most time.

If a solar parrot is not properly raised and taught to contact humans, it can become aggressive and bite severely. It is therefore not suitable for beginner growers. Its socialization requires a bit of experience.

Can the sunflower learn to speak?

Most parrots are species that can make a lot of noise. The sun horse is no exception – it is one of the noisiest species. This is another reason why it will not be a good choice for everyone. Noisiness is one of the features of this species. Loud noise is a natural way for her to communicate with other birds. This must be borne in mind when deciding to purchase this bird. The willingness to talk can be an advantage, however – the konura parrot can be taught to speak human beings. It takes a lot of patience and training, but some individuals need to learn simple words fairly quickly.

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Sun horse – breeding and the conditions that must be provided for it

These birds are very active animals. They like to fly as well as play, so the conditions should be adapted to their needs. A sufficiently large external aviary will be best here. The bird will gain a lot of freedom and the ability to move, and the owners will not complain about its noisiness. The sun leg should be able to fly around the house on a regular basis when released from its cage. Then you have to make sure that she does not chew on the furniture, which she is prone to. It is worth buying teethers for birds and, for example, small twigs that will satisfy their chewing needs.

Solar contour feeding – what to feed these birds?

In addition to the branches and trunks mentioned above, birds also need adequate food to gnaw. The solar horse can be fed with ready-made food available in a pet store. Remember to pay attention to the composition of the product and adjust it to the needs of the parrot. In addition to ready-made food, the diet should be properly supplemented. Birds can get peanuts and seeds, but you can’t serve them too often, otherwise they will get fat. It is also good to give parrots boiled eggs as well as fruit, such as:

Sunflower – the price of one individual

Due to its low popularity, the sun horse is one of the more expensive species of birds. You will pay at least PLN 800 for such a parrot, although most often you can buy a bird for about PLN 1200-1300. You should not buy much cheaper contours. The reduced price may be due to the ill health of the animal or an indication that it is illegally smuggled.

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The sunfish is a unique species of parrots. It is an intelligent and beautiful bird, but at the same time noisy and demanding. It is worth considering whether you will manage to meet all his needs, otherwise he may become a nuisance companion.