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Snowshoe – meet the cat with white socks!

Snowshoe, or a kitten with “white socks” or “snow-white shoes” is known for numerous cat memes and is considered a true cat celebrity. Cats with a unique color from the United States are valued for their great character and great attachment to their owners. Snowshoe cat – a story about a cat almost like a fairy tale!

Snowshoe – an elegant individual in snow socks

True cat lovers know very well that purring quadrupeds can be a unique puzzle for their owners. They are characterized by individualism, the need to walk their own paths and a certain amount of mystery, which makes some people prefer cats over dogs. If you also belong to a group of people who are not indifferent to cat’s charms, Snowshoe cat may turn out to be your best friend and a dream come true.

Snowshoe kittens are also a mystery to the breeders themselves. They are born completely white, and after a few days of life they change the color of their fur to a fascinating mosaic of colors and shades. With the first opening of the eyes, their hair cover begins to take on new colors and only then it becomes clear what kind of puppies appeared in the next litter. Due to their extraordinary character, they are gaining more and more fans. Despite the fact that they are not very popular in our country yet, the number of specimens is slowly growing every year. Snowshoe, silver laces, puss in boots – find out more about these adorable cat personalities!

Snowshoe – origin

The history of Snowshoe cat begins in the 1960s in the United States, namely Philadelphia. Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty, known in the community of feline breeders, who dealt with professional breeding of Siamese cats, She obtained a unique litter of kittens with characteristic, white markings on their paws, which resembled socks. Although this event could be considered a mistake and failure in breeding, the woman quickly turned it into a long-term benefit. She decided to create a new breed of cats by adding the American longhair cat to the gene pool.

Cat in the garden.

In this way, kittens were obtained, which, apart from white, snow-white feet, were also distinguished by a white inverted V-shaped mask. The breed was officially recognized by the U.S. federations a few years later, in 1974. In the years that followed, the race was so small that it was almost constantly threatened with extinction. Today in the world you can meet a larger group of these beautiful quadrupeds, but in Poland they are still only single individuals.

The details of the origin of the Snowshoe Cat breed are ambiguous. The only thing that seems certain is … a coincidence. The first kittens were born as a prank of Mother Nature. Various stories about these cats say that the combination of Siamese cats with two-color American shorthair cats was to eliminate the unusual color and return to the dark color of the limbs. Others argue that this procedure was deliberate to create another unique breed of pets. Either way, the breed was preserved even after only four individuals lived worldwide in the 1970s. In 1982, Snowshoe was recognized by the CFF and in 1989 by the American unions TICA and ACFA. It was then that the breed standards and official rules for the registration of Snowshoe in the world were reworked.

Snowshoe – appearance

Snowshoe Cat, also known as Silver Laces or colloquially “cat in socks”, is a medium-sized animal. The difference in external appearance between the female and the male is practically non-existent. Adult representatives of the breed weigh 3.5–5 kg (females) and 4.5–6 kg (males), respectively. Their appearance combines the features of the strong build of American Shorthair cats and the elongated, flexible body of Siamese cats. The body of cats with snowy paws is compact and muscular, and the head is rounded, with equal proportions between its length and width.

The Snowshoe has large, walnut-shaped eyes that are slightly more rounded than its Siamese ancestor. You can meet kittens with eyes of all shades of blue. The nose, according to the breed indicator, should be pink, medium in size and not too wide. The torso of the animal is very proportional, as is the ratio of the limbs to the torso. The paws are oval in shape and the color of the cushions is also pink. In addition, a tail in proportion to the body, wider at the base and slightly tapering towards the tip.

Kot rasy snowshoe.

Snowshoe Cat has a short, shiny and soft coat that is very soft and pleasant to the touch. The hair cover lies smoothly against the body, there is no undercoat in the quadruped. Various shades of fur are allowed. The most popular color varieties are: seal point, i.e. dark brown, chocolate, blue and lilac. Red or cinnamon cats are slightly less common, and the original markings on the body can appear in any color.

Snowshoe – character

If we want to analyze the Snowshoe disposition, the nature of this cheerful and outgoing cat will convince even the most skeptical observers. All the features of his personality predispose him to be a full member of any family. It is a social, brave and family animal that loves petting and stroking for hours. At the same time, representatives of this breed are not typical couch lions and avoid lounging on their bedding for a long time. They will be happy to chase the ball, join the fun when another cat lives in the house and become interested in activities performed by other household members.

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Although their genes contain a mixture of Siamese cat traits, they are not actually hyperactive and rarely get into the mood for frantic play or racing around the house. You could say they are perfect cats. Willing to do a little bit of activity with the caregiver, after which they will happily take a well-deserved rest. They like to pack on their owners’ laps, they demand petting even from newly met people who come to visit.

Cats with great curiosity

Snowshoes are extremely intelligent and curious. Their unbridled eagerness to learn about everything around them means they will boldly go into every corner. They will play on the olfactory mat and even teach some cat tricks. Due to the high trust in people, it is not advisable to let the Snowshoe out of the apartment if they have not experienced any unpleasantness on his part. A male cat may fall under the wheels of a car or be stolen, or at best find a man to pet who decides to take the cat home.

Kot rasy snowshoe.

Like Siamese cats, cats with snow socks are very vocal, they love to have long conversations with people in the household and sometimes give the impression that they understand human speech perfectly. They can create a very strong bond with a person and are not very eager to explore new space. However, when the opportunity arises, they sometimes sneak out a slightly ajar door into the garden or into the street, and then have difficulty finding their way back. They are the best friends of young children and other pets of various breeds and species. They hate loneliness, so when you dream of a cat with snow paws, be sure to provide him with the company of another pet.

Snowshoe – care

People who rarely look after cats on a daily basis, I can think that these unique quadrupeds do not need any care and are able to take care of the appearance of their fur on their own. However, caring for a cat is not only about keeping the hair cover clean. It is also important to have a proper diet tailored to the activity of the animal, its sex and age, regular visits to the veterinarian, and systematic checking of the condition of the mouth, ears and eyes, in which inflammation may develop.

Before we decide on a Snowshoe, the price for a kitten, the cost of feeding and the rules of caring for a cat should be very well known to us. Sufficient knowledge about the proper care of a pet is the awareness that we take a companion under our roof, even for a dozen or so years., during which we have to take care of his condition and invest in his health and care. Is a cat with white socks a demanding cat friend?

The cat in the hands of the owner.


The Snowshoe Cat, like most meowing households, requires a high protein diet. You can compose his menu based on quality food dry or wetwhich you will be giving in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The animal should also have constant access to fresh water. If you plan to teach your little one interesting tricks, healthy and safe ones will come in handy snacksthat you will reward the cat with for a job well done. Limit your cat significant amounts of carbohydrates. The cat will have difficulty digesting them properly, and the excess calories will promote fat storage.

Farmina for the cat


The Snowshoe Cat is a very rare and small breed, which makes it quite difficult to identify diseases that would be typical of it. Some of the diseases are the same as in the case of Siamese cats. Cats with white socks are more likely to suffer from chronic eye disease. Like their ancestors, they have an unbridled appetite, which promotes overweight and obesity. They will happily steal the more tasty morsels off the human plate. You have to keep an eye on them and be careful not to eat products that can harm them. You should not leave a full bowl and count on the cat to self-dose its daily food intake. Obesity results in problems with the osteoarticular system, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.


Kittens with snow paws are not very demanding in terms of care. As with Siamese cats, it is enough to brush their fur from time to time with a soft brush. These cats like to be stroked and brushed, which can be a pleasant way to spend time with the handler. If the owner notices that the coat has become dull or brittle, it may indicate kidney problems or other chronic conditions. Then an urgent visit to the veterinarian and full diagnostics are necessary in order to trace the source of the problem. From time to time, it is also worth taking a look at the cat’s claws and trim them so that the cat does not damage home appliances and does not get caught with them while playing.

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Kot rasy snowshoe.

A cat with snow feet – a unique household member for every family

Snowshoe cats are rare. If you liked these unique animals, you may have to wait a few months for your little companion before it hits your roof. However, it is worth being patient. Buying kittens from a proven and registered breeder will save you from future problems with your pet’s health. It is also ensuring that you support breeders who ensure the survival of the breed and the safe extension of the Snowshoe’s existence. However, the price for one kitten can be very high and can amount to several thousand zlotys.

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Snowshoe cats are original and beautiful cats with a darker color and characteristic light markings on the paws and mouth. Each little kitten is a puzzle for its guardian and it’s hard to find two identical animals. They love the presence of a human and they do not tolerate long separation badly, they like children and will do well in a large family. They amaze their owners with above-average intelligence and the ability to adapt to various conditions. They don’t like to go far from home. They are very trusting towards strangers and willingly give in to caresses whenever someone shows their interest in them. At the same time, great curiosity makes them happy to stick their wet nose in every corner. They will accompany you in almost all your daily activities.

If you dream of a cat that will become a full member of the family, choose Snowshoe Cat. Choose the best products for him from the wide range of our store that will help you take care of his health and condition in a professional way. High-quality food, a bowl with fresh water and a supply of your favorite toys, and above all the time devoted to your pet will make him fully devoted and create a unique bond with all human household members!