Shark catfish – the basics of breeding

The shark catfish has its own distinctive features. Gray-graphite coloration, pale underbelly, pale caudal fin – this is how you will recognize a shark catfish. This fish is also quite big. The record holders are up to 130 cm long, although in breeding conditions the catfish reaches a maximum of 90 cm. What conditions do you need to provide for a shark catfish? How can you take care of his health? We advise!

Aquarium Fish – Shark Catfish and Their Needs

The mini aquarium shark, as you can call the described fish, is being bred by a growing group of aquarists. Do you want to join her? You need to ensure that the pet has the appropriate conditions. What? See what matters most.

Shark catfish – aquarium and its equipment

Shark catfish is a large fish and quite active at the same time, so you need to provide it with adequate space. A large aquarium, properly equipped, is essential. Here are the minimum dimensions of the tank:

  • 450 x 180 x 180 cm;
  • capacity at least 14,500 liters.

This species does not need decorations, but its aquarium must contain a few accessories (e.g. additives that help purify and oxygenate the water). An important issue is also the arrangement of the aquarium. The place where you place the tank should be calm and protected from strong light.

Aquarium substrate for shark catfish – what to cover it with?

An important element of aquarium equipment for pangasius is the substrate. You can bet here on:

  • grit;
  • sand;
  • fine pebbles.

Shark catfish aquarium decorations – what can you choose?

The decorations aren’t the most important thing, but they can be a nice touch in a glass tank. If you want to decorate your aquarium with shark catfish, choose the following accessories:

  • the roots;
  • items made of wood;
  • decorations of ceramics;
  • stones and pebbles;
  • plants with thick leaves that the pet will not gnaw.

Shark catfish – what kind of fish can you combine it with?

The shark catfish, despite its size, is not a dangerous fish. However, the lack of aggressive behavior does not mean that he will accept every companion in the aquarium. It is a shoal fish, so its companions should also be catfish sharks or large fish of other species.

What fish should not be combined with shark catfish?

What do you have to avoid? Do not put panga and small, delicate fish together. Aquarium shrimp will also be bad company for shark catfish, remember that small fish have completely different requirements than a large pangasius.

Shark catfish – the basics of breeding

Shark catfish is a fish for those who have a lot of space for a large aquarium and are able to clean it regularly. You also need to spend a lot of time on feeding, because the fish does not eat food from the bottom of the tank.

Sum rekini – cena

How much is a panga? Usually you will pay between 10 and 15 zlotys. However, remember that as aquarium fish, shark catfish appears quite rarely, so finding them can be quite a challenge.

What to feed a shark catfish with?

The shark catfish in its natural conditions feeds mainly on invertebrates. Although it is a large fish, it turns out to be a skillful hunter. At home, he eats what floats in his aquarium. The word “floats” is important here, because the food already at the bottom of the reservoir is no longer an attractive snack for the panga.

In the diet of pangasius living in a home aquarium, the following are welcome:

  • lean meats;
  • vegetables (e.g., lettuce leaves, frozen spinach);
  • fish food (both dry and wet);
  • frozen and live fly larvae.

Shark catfish – diseases that threaten him the most

Pangasius can live up to 20 years, but its lifespan is significantly influenced by conditions. If you want to take care of your pet’s health, you need to know which diseases this species suffers most often. Learn the basic principles of prevention.

While the fish appears large and strong, it is actually quite fragile. Most of the diseases that shark catfish has to deal with have to do with contaminated water. Here are simple tips.

  1. You must change the aquarium water at least once every two weeks.
  2. Equip the tank with appropriate filters that will minimize the risk of disease.

How does catfish reproduce work?

The shark catfish reproduces in its natural habitat without major problems, although for this it has to go on a long journey upstream.

  1. Usually pangasius breed in the period from May to July.
  2. For more animals to appear in the world, the female must spawn.
  3. It can contain up to 2 million grains, thanks to which this species has a good chance of survival in nature. Unfortunately, due to the progressive pollution of waters, the species has to deal with increasing threats.

Does shark catfish breed in an aquarium?

And how does catfish breeding in breeding conditions look like? As it turns out, this is a very difficult task. Especially when the fish is placed in a home aquarium with a limited space. Thus, unnatural conditions have a significant impact on the state of the pangasius and are not conducive to extending the species.

Interesting facts about pangs

Do you know that…

  • the fish owes its nickname “shark” to its fin sticking out on its back?
  • under the right conditions, pangasius can live up to 20 years?
  • catfish sharks lose their charm with age, and are the most beautiful in the first months of life?
  • shark catfish, although it may be respectable with its size, is in fact a very skittish fish? If you see him sink to the bottom of the aquarium and pretend to be dead, it means one thing – he is very scared of something.

Shark catfish is an interesting species and arouses the interest of aquarists. Although breeding this fish is quite difficult, and the aquarium for it takes up a lot of space, there are many people who have decided to take panga under their roof. It is mainly associated with food farming, it is not so easy to find. If you have the right conditions for a shark catfish, go ahead and look for it!