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seeing how he comes back, the mistress collapses in pain (Video)

Tintin is a Border Collie from three years who lives in a small town near Segovia, in Spain. Given his youth, he is an energetic dog and enjoys walks in the countryside. What their humans never imagined is that one of those walks would turn into pain and suffering.

The dog came out with his human the January 30th like all other days. On the way back, Tintin sees a cat and runs after it. That’s when it is disappeared.

Even diesel

Although they have found the Border Collie the next day, the dog was in bad conditions: Someone had tortured him and burned him with diesel.

“Even if he doesn’t know you, he will come to greet you because what he wants is a caress and to play,” his human, Pilar Sanz, tells the Spanish newspaper Segovia Day.

Tintin usually always takes walks around the house. “When I saw that he didn’t come back, I started to worry, it wasn’t normal.”

The facts have been reported and the authorities are still investigating who could be the author of so much barbarity. One was also launched petition on to ask for justice.

A nightmare

“The vet bath to remove all the diesel and burnt fur was great. You let yourself be stroked a little… My heart almost exploded,” Pilar said on her Facebook page on Feb. 2. “Seeing him like this is a nightmare.”

The before and after of Tintin ©Facebook @Pilar Sanz

Almost every day, Pilar tell Tintin’s progress on Facebook. Gradually she recovered the desire to play. And finally on March 15, her mistress gives the news that everyone has been waiting for: Tintin has been discharged, his wounds have healed.

Sure, his spirit won’t be exactly what it was before, because it’s marked by violence, but we’re sure that with all the love he receives every day, Tintin will be fine!

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