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Relaxing music for a cat – what sound will your purr like?

Delicate sounds soothe troubled nerves and can relax you perfectly. Thanks to them you feel relaxed, but also your … purr! Find out how relaxing music for cats works and which they like best.

Suffering music lovers

Cats are not very famous for making pleasant sounds. Although their meows are cute, they can be annoying, especially when it comes to the next batch of food, despite the bowl being full. Meanwhile, it turns out that although the purrs have a weak voice, they like to listen to the music! Yes, yes, these are the animals that run away in fear as soon as an object that makes a lot of bangs hits the ground. Which cat music is enjoyable? It is worth mentioning at the outset that purrs do not like every kind of sound. They prefer a “lighter” and calmer melody to heavy, bass sounds. After all, it is supposed to relax them, not stimulate them.

Depending on the composition of the sounds, some songs are considered to have a positive effect on the human body. It has been tested that music has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, reduces the level of stress, but also facilitates learning. Does it have a similar effect on purring pets? How do you know if cats like music? All doubts on this topic will disappear in a moment.

Carnilove for a cat

Do cats like music?

You turn on your favorite music at home, humming the lyrics, and even though you think no one can hear you, it turns out that the song coming out of the speakers can please you not only. Your cat also sticks out! House favorites also like music. These are not just assumptions or observations of individual cases. Scientists took care of this!

Relaxing music for the cat, the cat lying on the piano.

Researchers from all over the world have attempted to face this theory. Some watched the reaction of animals and their organisms to the influence of various types of music, others checked the level of relaxation during the operation. Not only was the body’s reflexes checked, but the blood of the purrs was also tested. In each case, the conclusions were similar – cats like music, but with a specific character.

Mruczek will feel at home as a rap, techno or folk fan on average. It will be best in the company of an enthusiast of classical sounds. This is the most effective relaxation music for a cat. Hearing it, the animals stay much more relaxed and calmer. This is evidenced, for example, by the rhythm of their breathing. When listening to stronger, more aggressive sounds, cats developed anxiety.

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Relaxing music for a cat – how to use it?

This knowledge is useful not only as a curiosity during a family gathering or with friends. It will help you relax your kitten or calm him down on the way to the vet or after the procedure. With the right sounds, the purrs can really relax. If you have been wondering why there is always a specific playlist in the vet’s office, now it will not surprise you. Music really works for cats. It can relax them and replace them with high doses of medications, which works well during tests and treatments. And – what is important – it does not require any special intervention.


Knowing how a cat reacts to a specific song can make it easier to understand the animal. If he suddenly starts to behave in an unusual way or to run away in panic around the apartment, he may be scared of the song you are just listening to. It is also possible that he has developed a fear of hearing sounds that cats generally do not like. Music, when you change it, can ease feline stress. Why is it worth doing this?

Cat stress – the most important information

If your pet is over-stimulated, it is probably a sign of stress. His body, just like yours, responds in a similar way to the changes taking place in its environment. The animal will be ready to flee not only in the face of danger. Stress can also be triggered by a change of karma, rearrangement of furniture, travel or moving. In such situations, a cat requires a longer stage of adaptation to new conditions. Loneliness, lack of space to hunt, or illness can also be a source of stress.

Cat listening to music.

Purring, nervous washing, unwillingness to play, vocalization or body tremors are the most common signs that your pet is stressed. More serious symptoms, such as hair loss, self-harm, cessation of care or eating disorders, indicate a chronic problem. Relaxing music for a cat is one of the most effective ways to relieve negative emotions. Long-term stress can affect your pet’s health.

Chronic disease causes changes in the blood, urinary and digestive systems. There may also be problems with the thyroid gland or sudden weight gain. The immune system may also be weakened. Stress definitely affects cats negatively. Music will allow you to lower its level. It is a combination of pleasant and useful, because the sounds will relax not only the animal, but also you.

What is the characteristic of relaxing music for a cat?

Do you want to soothe your kitty’s shattered nerves? Calm him down during a trip or visit to the vet? Change strong sounds to classical music. It has a much better effect on cats. Reach for classics such as Mozart and Bach. One researcher of the cat’s reaction to music noted that pets particularly like pieces composed by Georg Händel. The animals, listening to her during the operation, became more trusting and calmer. They also tolerated tests and treatments better.

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Relaxing music for a cat – research

Miguel Carreira – a veterinarian and professor at the University of Lisbon – audited the behavior of cats on various types of music. The aforementioned classic sounds made pets breathe at a slow but very regular pace. Pop artists did not touch the purrs with their compositions. Popular music did not calm them down, but it also did not cause anxiety or stress. This last reaction was noticed when the purr’s rock sound was turned on. This experience clearly confirmed which sounds cats like and tolerate, and which sounds provoke opposite reactions.

The cat massaged by the owner.

Relaxing music for a cat is not only classic sounds. There are also songs, composed especially for mruczkach. How are they different? A cat’s heart beats a little faster than a human’s heart. The scale of the cat’s voice is also different. Using these simple conclusions, another researcher – a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison – found that purring pets would like songs that weren’t made for humans, but strictly for pets. Together with a musician from another university, he composed his own songs that should especially appeal to furry music lovers. They used rhythm and sounds for the composition, which, among others, they imitate cats purring or the sounds made by kittens drinking milk.

Interested in music to put your cat to sleep? Try to let the purr Bach go. According to scientists, it is his compositions that effectively put animals to sleep. If you want to calm your pet and rest it peacefully, you should also opt for natural sounds. Some cat owners believe that the sound of the shower water is effective music to put the cat to sleep. Note, however, that not all methods will be the same for all pets. Purring pets not only have different characters, but also tastes. Certain pieces may not bring them closer to the land of rest at all.

Music for a cat – is it the only way to relax?

Stroking, tail scratching or playing together are certainly your cat’s favorite activities. All these activities also help to strengthen the relationship between the animal and the handler. As a responsible owner of a kitten, take care not only of entertainment, but also relaxation of your pet. Flies, just like people, rest when classical music is played from the speakers. Cats take a moment to soothe their nerves more often than you think. They are very sensitive, although they seem to be inaccessible individualists. Seemingly normal situations become a cause for concern for them. How else can you help them besides playing the music?

Think about organizing a space exclusively for your pet. Even in a small house, a kitten needs a hiding place. Lack of space or space for yourself can make you nervous. What to prepare exactly? This can be den, a padded box or a place under the bed. Often times, changes in the environment also help. Although the purrs don’t like rearrangements, more hunting space or new drapak They will surely like it and will help to reduce the stress caused by boredom or lack of space to play.

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Relaxing music for a cat, a cat sleeping at the piano.

Cat relaxation – what apart from music?

If not music, then… speaking. To relax your pet while traveling or visiting the vet, speak to them in a gentle voice. Chatting together will allow you to tighten your ties, and the cat will calm down and make him feel less lonely. You can soothe the cat’s nerves by giving the purr a massage. If you notice that your pet is restless, shaking or running around in nervousness, grab it and try to pet it in a specific way. However, don’t do anything by force. An upset pet may not feel like close contact, even if you are its favorite owner.

Your pet will be delighted if you play with it. A stressed cat may refuse common mischief, but playing with its owner will effectively soothe his nerves. Also try to convince him with good food, for example food with salmon or favorite delicacies. In extremely difficult situations, you can resort to pharmacological agents. Give the pet special preparations only after consulting a veterinarian – otherwise it is irresponsible and dangerous. Only a doctor is able to correctly select the appropriate preparation and its dose. If you don’t want to resort to medications straight away, consult a behaviorist as well. She knows cat habits very well. It will certainly help to reduce stressful stimuli and will tell you how to deal with a situation when your pet is upset.

Does it really work?

Were it not for the research by scientists, the combination of cats and music might seem like a dubious hypothesis. Fortunately, the owners also notice the influence of soothing sounds on purrs. Sebastian, Simba’s guardian, tells us about the fact that the classic songs relax the quadrupeds.

Cat owner quote.

Take care of your pet’s psychological comfort and turn on his classics!

Relaxing music doesn’t just calm you down. Your furry favorite also relaxes under its influence. This is not only the observation of cat owners, but a matter researched by scientists from all over the world. The most relaxing music for a cat is the one composed by great classics. The works of Bach or Handel help to de-stress the cat. You should also add music specially composed for cats to your pet playlist. Such sounds are matched to the rhythm of their heart.

How else can you relax purring favorites? You have many solutions, and only one of them is music. Cats like to play or caress. Feed them with delicacies or prepare another comfortable bed. All the necessary accessories, good-quality snacks and, above all, high-quality food can be found in the Apetete online store.