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Razbora Borneańska – information about the species

The Bornean razbora is a very popular species among lovers of so-called nanoaquaria, i.e. very small aquarium tanks. Boraras does not like the company of fish of a different species, but is a very shoal fish, which is recommended to be kept in large groups.

Rasbora brigittae – where does it come from?

Boraras comes from Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia. These tiny fish can be found mainly in small rivers and a quiet current. Often representatives of this species are also found in swamps.

Boraras brigittae – what does it look like?

The Bornean razbora is one of the smallest representatives of the carp family. Its size is really microscopic, and the fish rarely exceed 2 centimeters in length. It is definitely eye-catching because its coloration is intensely red.

The fins of these fish are transparent, but in some cases black stripes appear on them. The long black stripe also runs through the body of the fish and under natural conditions it serves as a defense.

In males, very intense red, even ruby ​​coloration is sometimes found. Most razbor, however, have a shade of red that tends to fall into orange.

There is little sexual dimorphism in this species. Females are slightly rounder around the belly and slightly larger. Males, on the other hand, are more slender, but usually more intensely colored.

Bornean razors – disposition

Compared to fish of other species, the Bornean razor is rather shy, often even shywa. This is why it is not recommended to keep it in social aquariums. However, she will feel great in a large shoal of representatives of her own species.

It is recommended to keep at least 10 razbor in the aquarium. Then you will be able to observe group relationships, male rivalry, and other interesting behaviors that are difficult to achieve when there are fewer fish.

Bornean razbora – aquarium

Tiny razors need a reservoir in which they can swim freely. For a group of 10 fish, you will need a tank with a minimum capacity of 40 liters.

Filtration in a razor aquarium should be quite efficient as the species is very sensitive to high nitrate concentrations. At the same time, very strong currents are undesirable. In nature, these fish live in river waters with a calm current.

Vegetation in an aquarium with razors should be lush. Don’t be afraid to fill the tank with rocks and roots that will provide hiding places for the fish.

Can boraras live with other fish?

As we have already mentioned, these shy fish feel best in their own company. However, if you really want to keep them in social aquariums, choose only fish that are only slightly larger as neighbors. Suitable grades are:

  • cuirass;
  • islands;
  • dwarf prawns;
  • razbory plamiste.

Water parameters for Bornean wild mushrooms

Keeping the Bornean razor in good condition requires paying attention to the parameters of the water. The most suitable for these fish will be:

  • temperature: 25–28 degrees Celsius;
  • pH: 6,5–7;
  • hardness: 0-10 degrees dGH (very soft water).

Razbora Borneańska – nutrition

Razbora Borneańska is a fish that is omnivorous, therefore it is very easy to compose a varied diet.

Be sure to stock up on wholesome food for small fish. The one in the form of flakes will work best. Razbory is really tiny, so dry food must first be crushed.

Diversify your diet with live and frozen food. For example, they will work well:

  • mosquito larvae;
  • zooplankton;
  • small insects.

Remember that the quality of food and its variety affect not only the immune system of the fish, but also the intensity of their coloration.

Rasbora brigittae – reproduction

The reproduction of the Bornean beetle in breeding conditions is not particularly difficult. However, you need to prepare a separate breeding box as these fish tend to eat their eggs. If razors live in a social aquarium, the eggs and fry are vulnerable to being eaten by other fish.

Fill half of the spawning tank with moss. Place a net over it to protect the spawn. The temperature in the tank should be between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. Make sure the water is soft and acidic (pH 5 to 6.5).

Place about 3-4 pairs in the breeding box. During spawning, males compete for the favors of females. Then their colors become even more visible. You do not have to worry, Bornean razors are very gentle fish that will not hurt themselves even at this particular time.

You need to get up in the morning to watch spawning as it almost always takes place at sunrise. The female lays about 50 eggs. After 2 days, the larvae hatch, and after another 48 hours they begin to swim shyly in the tank.

Razbora Borneańska – summary

Bornean razors are very tiny and gentle fish. Before you put them in your tank, you must remember that you are dealing with a shoal of fish. This means that the razbora must live in the herd. At the beginning, a shoal of at least 10 fish will work.

For a shoal of 10 fish, you must have an aquarium of at least 40 liters. These active aquatic animals need plenty of swimming space and plants to hide and sleep in.

Remember that the razbora feels best in the company of its own species, but it may inhabit the aquarium with other friendly small fish. The fast swimming pool, which has beautiful colors, is a fantastic object to observe. Perhaps these little ones will find their home in your aquarium?

Photo illustrative: JoKrimmel via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

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