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Position of the dog when sleeping: the meaning

The dog’s posture, his way of approaching us, his growl… There are many elements thanks to which we can understand our faithful furry friends.

Among these we also find the position of the dog when sleeping. Some positions make us smile, others are relaxing just to look at, but what do they tell us about our dog?

The dog chooses to rest on his back

When the dog sleeps on his back, often even with the front and hind legs in the air, assumes a very funny position that makes the question arise spontaneously: is the dog really comfortable sleeping like this? Absolutely yes! When the dog abandons himself to this strange pose it means that he is more vulnerable, completely relaxed and abandoned to sleep.

For this reason sleeping in this way is typical of dogs living at home in a protected environment where they know all the elements of the family. Dogs who are confident in their environment and calm tend to sleep on their backs.

Sleeping dogs on their stomachs is completely vulnerable.©Pixabay

The position of the lion on his stomach

The position on the stomach is ttypical of the nap and not a real restful sleep. In fact, the dog’s muscles, contrary to what it seems, are not totally relaxed. On the contrary, Fido is, despite the fact that he rests, ready to get up if necessary since a leap will be enough for him to be on his feet.

In this position the dog breathes better and its body temperature is lowered. Puppies often sleep in this position so they can snap up and be ready to play in no time!

dog sleeping on his stomach
The four-legged friend who sleeps on his stomach is ready to get up.©Pixabay

Side sleeping positions

Sleeping on the side it is another position associated with calmness and sound sleep. This is the most comfortable way to sleep and is, for this reason, the most used position by all specimens and at all ages. In this position, dogs often tend to rest their heads on a pillow or on their owner’s leg, or their back against a wall or back to back with another dog.

That’s because I’m at security research while they sleep because completely abandoned to sleep.

dog sleeping on the street on its side
Dogs who sleep on their side seek security.©Pixabay

The power of sleeping in a donut

Finally the typical ball position, which sees the dog curled up on itself is the one in which it is least vulnerable. Fido is literally curled up on himself with legs, head and tail under the whole body. Also in this case, as for the dog who sleeps on his stomach, the muscles are tense.

In fact, this position is not reserved for deep sleep, but for children daily naps that occur between one activity and another. This is a typical pose of colder periods because in this way Fido is able to retain heat better.

dog sleeping rolled up
The dog sleeping curled up is ready to spring.©Pixabay

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