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If you want a dog that is affectionate, devoted, intelligent and always full of life, the Pomeranian is the right choice for you! Like a fluffy little fox proudly carrying its bushy tail on its back, its sharp gaze and sharp ears will win the hearts of all onlookers. These dogs are simply adorable for their playful nature and desire to be integrated into daily activities, are easy to train and have a balanced temperament, being neither shy nor aggressive. They are good watch dogs, always paying attention to what is going on around them, and life in the yard or in the apartment suits them just as well.


These dogs, also known as Toy Spitz, are the smallest representatives of the German Spitz breed. The German Spitz is a large family of dogs, of various colors and sizes, and is the origin of most of today’s Spitz breeds. The ancestors of German Spitz dogs have been with humans since ancient times, and are therefore considered to be the oldest breed of dog in Central Europe. Remains of the ancestors of this race have been found in the northern region of Germany and date back to the Stone Age. Today’s miniature size of the breed has been achieved over the years, through a controlled selection, introducing various colors of fur along the way.


Dogs depend on our care and attention, and their well-being is the responsibility of each owner. To ensure that they live as long and healthy as possible, we need to provide them with the care they need and the right nutritional support. Being a very small dog, the Pomeranian will need care specific to his breed and size.

Her spectacular, thick robe with a thick layer of undercoat will require moderate, weekly grooming, combing and brushing, to remove unwanted hair and avoid the formation of tow, dryness and skin irritation. Seek the advice of your veterinarian or canine groomer on how best to care for your Pomeranian’s fur.

Although they can travel long distances without getting tired, the sensitivity of their knee joints, specific to their race, makes short walks optimal for them. Daily outdoor activities also help maintain a healthy weight.


Your Pomeranian needs food dedicated to its breed to meet its specific nutritional requirements. This will give her all the nutrients she needs and give her a satisfying appetite.

Being a very small dog, with a rather large dentition, the Pomeranian is prone to oral diseases due to the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar. Also, short bowel transit causes a predisposition to constipation, which is generally specific to very small and small dogs. ROYAL CANIN® ADULT POMMERANIAN (discover products here) addresses all of these nutritional requirements to meet race-specific sensitivities. The miniature hook, with size, shape, texture and density specially adapted to small jaws, facilitates food grip and stimulates mastication, for a brushing effect on the teeth and better digestion of food.

ROYAL CANIN® ADULT POMMERANIAN (discover products here) It also helps maintain osteo-articular health with the help of its adjusted mineral content and EPA & DHA fatty acid intake. The balanced mix of dietary fiber facilitates intestinal transit, and along with LIP proteins that have a high degree of digestibility, contribute to the optimal appearance of the stool. Last but not least, the special recipe, enriched with borago oil and EPA & DHA fatty acids, nourishes the skin and the spectacular robe of your Pomeranian, in order to maintain the health of the sensitive skin and the radiant appearance of the robe.

To keep your dog healthy and in optimal shape, dose his food according to the instructions on the package. It also avoids giving you high calorie rewards. Very small dogs have an accelerated metabolism, a small stomach and a whimsical appetite, so they tend to feed little and often and beg for food from you. It is easy to overfeed a small dog, and the excess weight will put extra pressure on his joints. For balanced nutritional support, replace the rewards with a small portion of your daily dose of food and give it a mix of dry, moist food that has a low calorie intake.

Wet food ROYAL CANIN® MINI ADULT (discover products here) It will bring an extra supply of water that helps maintain the health of the urinary tract, will satisfy his whimsical appetite, while covering his daily needs for nutrients, without increasing his caloric intake.

With the help of your care and affection, the proper nutrition, and the care he needs, you will be able to provide your Pomeranian with the well-being he needs for life.

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