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Police dog’s heartwarming farewell thrills more than 1 million people (Video)


Grace Fontana

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Dogs are extraordinary beings, also capable of supporting us humans in the most difficult tasks, such as those of a policeman.

Four paws that track down loads of drugs, that catch criminals… there are many deeds of our animal friends in service. And to say goodbye to his canine colleague, this agent knew how to move more than a million people.

Goodbye Tek

Only is a German Shepherd who passed almost six years come K9 of law enforcement in Dodge County, United States. After a life devoted to justice and aiding in 98 arrests, the time has come for him to retire.

Its handler, Lt Taylor Nehls, deputy sheriff of the County, has decided to pay homage to him by publishing the video that tells all his deeds (as is customary when an agent retires) on social networks. Needless to say, it was a huge success on TikTok: published on March 4, the clip reached more than a million views in just a few days.

@dodgecountyso Happy retirement K9 Tek, your pet presence will be missed💙 #k9 #k9unit #lawenforcement #dogsofttiktok #dog #the #k9softiktok #retirement #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – DodgeCountySheriff

The tenderness of memories

And as a voiceover chronicles Tek’s life as a cop on the radio, we can note how much harmony there is between the four-legged and its human, who does not hide his emotion. The 6 years of service in human years would be almost 39. Can you imagine how many adventures the two colleagues had together?

“Enjoy your well-deserved rest. Now you can chase rabbits instead of criminals,” says the voiceover.

There is no doubt. Tek will be missed by all of his teammates!

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