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Pedestrian crosses on the strips but gets hit by a four-legged … (Video)

Keep your eyes open when crossing the street!

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Grace Fontana

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Nowadays a pedestrian before crossing the road (even if on the stripes) must first make the sign of the cross, invoke the protection of all the saints, look from one side to the other (even contradictory) and then, perhaps, can start walking.

Among cars of all kinds, scooters and motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and so on and so forth, the pedestrian is worse than a king in check: every man for himself!

If to all these then we add the four-legged friends then … give up all hope or you who walk!

Never trust the road!

The pedestrian in the video seems to be attentive to the road, looks carefully before crossing, waits for a large pickup truck to pass before him and then begins his march, proud and sure of the dangers he has escaped.

He doesn’t think the same way though, the dog that arrives soon after who, perhaps chasing the famous pick-up, whizzes at full speed, cutting the legs of the poor man who just wanted to go from one side of the road to the other.

Better than a car … or maybe not!

Of course, being caught by a running dog is not the same as being caught by a big car speeding at 100km / h, but it seems that the back of the poor pawn disagree!

Rolling on the ground, in fact, the man immediately touches the back of his back. Other than the witch’s stroke, this is a nice one dog shot!

Who knows if the dog has withdrawn some points from the license, what is certain is that he is guilty of failure to rescue and that now the man will no longer be so calm to cross the road. What a shock! Don’t miss the video 👇

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