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Parrots – drawing, or how to draw these birds?

Drawing parrots can be a wonderful decoration in any home. The feast of colors on feathers looks especially good on colored drawings, but it will also look good in shades of gray. Painting is also a great idea, but to get it you need to know how to paint a parrot. Working in a graphics program can also bring good results. However, these are separate and quite extensive topics, so in our text we will only focus on traditional methods using crayons and pencils. Want to mirror the parrots? You will be able to create a drawing thanks to our tips. Read on and see how to get started!

Parrots – the drawing may show different species

As you probably know, there are many species of parrots in the world. But did you know that there are over 350 varieties of these birds? If you are looking for a suitable parrot, drawing can wait, because first you need to find a bird model. At home, you can often find budgies and so-called lovebirds. They are very small and are perfect for a smaller drawing. Of the slightly larger species, it is definitely worth paying attention to the cockatoo, whose characteristic tips will look great. You can also draw larger birds, such as colorfully plumed macaws or a slightly more subdued color of the African Gray Parrot.

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Choose the style in which you want the parrots in your drawing

Have you already selected the right genre you want to draw? It’s time to think about the style in which you will portray the animal. Parrots have many distinctive features and are great for a comic book style. In it you can highlight the attributes of these animals:

  • large, curved beak;
  • intelligent eyes;
  • colorful feathers.

How else can you show parrots? A more realistic drawing is also a good idea, because this way you can portray all the beauty of these unique birds. You can also bet on something between the two styles by opting for a half-realistic depiction of birds.

Parrots – cartoon drawing and its rules

When drawing birds for a cartoon, you need to look at their distinctive features and render them very faithfully. One should not forget about the proportions, because then the drawing will look ill-considered and simply ugly. First, it’s a good idea to sketch the bird’s shape roughly, and then start adding details of the parrot. A drawing in this style does not have to accurately reflect all the details of the bird’s appearance. What matters is a more conventional image that can be achieved with simplified lines. Finally, you can color the whole thing to add some life to the drawing.

Parrots – realistic pencil drawing

Of course, the realistic drawing has different rules than the cartoon one. You have to put more into the best possible rendering of reality. This means that the entire outline needs to be prepared with greater care:

  1. You can start by drawing the main bodies, that is, the head and body of the bird.
  2. Later, you can add individual body parts to it.
  3. The shading should smoothly change from tone to tone and reliably render the chiaroscuro.
  4. You can use a hanging pencil to rub the pencil, but applying multiple layers of shading will give you more control over the work.
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Parrots – realistic drawing with crayons

You have one more option to draw a parrot. The realistic drawing with crayons at the beginning does not differ much from that made with a pencil. You need a good sketch for it, which is the basis of any good work in this form. If something goes wrong at this stage, the entire drawing may fail later. After making the outline, remember to choose all the shades properly. It’s a good idea to test each color on a separate sheet of paper and then apply a layer to the drawing.

You already know how to draw parrots. The drawing (we hope so) will look exceptionally beautiful! Remember that training makes perfect and don’t be discouraged even when the first works do not turn out perfectly.