Parrot cage – what will be the best?

A parrot cage is available at most pet stores. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all products are good and fulfill their purpose. They mainly differ in size. A parrot cage will be smaller than that for a macaw, and one bird requires less space than several pets. In addition, pens differ in material and should be adapted to the variety. For example, birds with destructive inclinations should look for more solid structures. Find out which parrot cage will best suit your needs. If you are thinking about buying, our article will surely give you the answers you are looking for!

Can a caged parrot be happy at all?

Many people may wonder if the cage is a humane solution at all. It may appear to be a bird trapping. In reality, however, it is of benefit to the animal as it has a limited ability to harm itself. Of course, the cage must be properly selected. It must not be too small or made of plastic or other harmful material. A parrot cage alone is not enough. It must be equipped with the appropriate accessories:

They keep the birds busy even when the animals are alone at home. Parrots will not be bored if you prepare the cage properly with their needs in mind.

What are the benefits of a wooden parrot cage?

Wooden cages are primarily an ecological solution. This raw material is natural, so it will decompose without any problems and will not leave any harmful waste. In addition, a wooden structure can sometimes be better suited to the surroundings, especially when installed outdoors. Unfortunately, a wooden parrot cage will not be suitable for destructive species. It may be bitten, and the bird will then have an easier escape. The downside is the need for ongoing maintenance, as mold, harmful to birds, can take root on the bars.

When will the metal parrot cage work?

Metal cage is definitely more common. This option is much cheaper and much more universal. What are the advantages of such products? They are easier to wash, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and will be suitable for most birds. They will not give in to any beak, and they also look universal. However, the appearance is a disadvantage for some, as they find it too boring and clichéd. You also need to be careful with the material of execution. A parrot cage covered with certain types of paint can turn out to be toxic.

What size should a cage be for a nymph and other species?

Each species of parrot varies in size. Cages for nymphs, i.e. species that reach up to 30 cm in length, should have the right dimensions and proportions. The minimum height will be 100 cm, although it is worth buying an even larger structure. The cage for a budgerigar can be smaller and lower, respectively. It is also worth remembering that regardless of the size of the cage, the bird should be able to get out of the cage and fly around the house under the supervision of the owner.

A large parrot cage or an aviary – which will be better?

If you have enough space to put up an aviary in your home or garden, it will always be a better option than a cage. It provides much more space than even the largest parrot cage. In addition, the space can be much more varied by inserting boughs, poles, toys and even a playground for birds inside. Thanks to this, the animal will gain much more space to play and fly. A spacious aviary is also the best solution for people keeping more than 2 such pets.

A parrot’s cage does not have to be a prison for a parrot – it can become a cozy place for rest and shelter. You just need to remember to choose the right size and buy accessories that will allow your pet to fight boredom.