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10 things to buy for a puppy

Welcome a Labrador at home it’s always exciting, but knowing what to buy for a new puppy can sometimes feel overwhelming. From dog beds and blankets to toys and treats, the choice available to new pet owners is endless! Preparing a checklist is always a good place to start, condensing everything into a list that … Read more

a pit bull puppy leaves veterinarians perplexed

The sight of this puppy’s tummy leaves everyone speechless … © Facebook @I love veterinary medicine – Tyler Brzozowski Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 13/11/22 16:00 A sole five weeks oldhas managed to do what others fail to do in their entire life: become world famous in no time. When the little one Pitbull he … Read more

Today is World Kindness Day: praise to the cat

The snobbish air, with that nose always up, does not make the cats known for being kind. Yet our domestic tigers know how to be true champions of kindness, in their own way. A cat certainly cannot be tamed like a dog, but it can equally be capable of offering affection and love to a … Read more

the best 8 breeds for emotional support

And emotional support animal it is more than just a pet: it provides help and comfort to people with mental and emotional disabilities. Mental health can be greatly improved by emotional support animals, offering companionship in difficult times. When it comes to breeds, some cats are better suited than others. An emotional support animal (ESA) … Read more

the incredible story behind this photo

The Internet is teeming with absurd events which sometimes turn out to be false. But what about the story of the horse who, seeing a dog drown, decided to save his life? The one we are about to tell you and that has been around the web dates back to about 13 years ago. As … Read more

He sees a run-down dog, but soon discovers it is another poor animal

Although at first glance this animal that barely walks down the street might be mistaken for a dog, it is actually a black bear. This species inhabits the mountainous and wooded areas of North America. Since the end of summer 2022, the media of the Virginia northerners have increasingly reported reports of bears suffering from … Read more

symptoms, causes and life expectancy

Neoplastic diseases, commonly known as tumors, are what frightens and anguish us most, even when it comes to our 4-legged friends. Il cat lymphoma it can present itself in different forms and have a multifactorial etiology that determines the expression of symptoms in felines that are also very different from each other. Therefore it is … Read more