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5 tips for spring

The cat hair shedding it shouldn’t be a cause for concern, except for carpets, sofas and clothes! Let’s see, therefore, some advice to prepare in the best possible way and face the change of the seasonal coat of the Kitty in the best way. What caused the moult of the cat’s hair? Cat hair shedding … Read more

they find a Border Collie in very bad shape, that’s how it is today

Canicattì, province of Agrigento (Sicily). This is the story of Floorsa very sweet little dog found in very bad conditions: invested and victim of one fox trap. Immediately taken to the vet and operated on, today Patry has almost fully recovered and is ready to be welcomed by her forever family. Let’s get to know … Read more

The hilarious prank this cat plays on the Chihuahua (Video)

From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 30/03/21 11:35updated the 23/03/23 10:15 Do you feel like laughing? We offer you a very simple way: watch this short but hilarious clip! It only takes seconds to understand the more hilarious nature of our pets. They know how to be funny, nice and know how to surprise us more … Read more

5 things to discover and recognize

Il heat in the female dog it is a subject that is not particularly known and needs to be shed on, above all because in some cases the idea of ​​this situation can discourage a potential owner who will have to be better prepared on this pre-mating phase of the dogs. Having a dog involves … Read more

causes and remedies, home and otherwise

If your dog is constantly scratching, the cause could be the summer. Primavera e itching in dogsin fact, they go hand in hand: pollen, hay and other factors can create various nuisances for our four-legged friend, especially itching and allergic symptoms. Before figuring out how help the dog who is always scratchinghere are what are … Read more

Outdoor activities for dogs: 7 ideas

The beautiful, warm days are back: what could be better than spending more time in the company of your dog, having fun together outdoors? Let’s see together 7 dog outdoor activity to do together with Fido during the pleasant spring season. 1. Dog running and Bikejoring Playing sports with your dog is the perfect way … Read more

shocked, post the before and after

Here’s how it was before the dramatic restyling. © Twitter @REALBURTIIS From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 22/03/23 10:30 The owner of a cute little dog asked her nephew to take her four-legged friend to a professional groomer. A decision she soon regretted. The before and after photos speak for themselves! Dramatic new look Nothing could … Read more