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Ozzy, a black alley cat, struggles to find a new home due to his illness

Ozzy was rescued by a Good Samaritan. Despite all efforts to find his owners, he remains alone and in search of affection. Her health exams uncovered an illness that is scaring potential adopters, but the shelter isn’t giving up.

An Italian cat lover has come to the aid of a cat in need. He was prowling his neighborhood in search of a little food and cuddles.

For several weeks, the young woman therefore provided him with kibble and daily attention. She said she would have adopted the 7-year-old feline if she hadn’t already had 2 furballs at home, reports InYourArea.

Worried for her well-being, she ended up contacting the association Grimsby & District Cats Protection who works tirelessly for needy cats.

The volunteers therefore moved and put Ozzy in a safe place while finding its owners.

Indeed, his friendly and very sociable demeanor suggested that he might have a family looking for him. However, the investigations were unsuccessful.

Aftermath of his outdoor life

Like all newcomers to the shelter, Ozzy underwent a full health examination. This revealed that the unfortunate was positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) sometimes commonly called “cat AIDS”.

This disease is transmitted by saliva and blood, usually during conflicts between stray and/or breeding tomcats.

Fortunately, Ozzy can live quite normally. However, he will have to reside exclusively indoors so as not to contract another germ which could be dangerous to him and so as not to spread FIV himself to his congeners.

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“Although he has this virus, that shouldn’t stop Ozzy from having a long and full life in which he can bring joy and companionship to his new owner”said Andrew Carrteam leader of the shelter, on a Facebook post.

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Ozzy testifies to his desire to be pampered within a home. “He is a really friendly feline and deeply loves people. He will have no problem settling into a new home.”clarified Andrew who does his best so that he finally finds loving masters.