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Only if you are sober you will find the Cocker Spaniel among the beer mugs!


Can you spot the dog?

© Dogbuddy


Ilenia Colombo

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Don’t we all love a cold beer? And if you are a true fan of this barley malt drink, you will definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this March 17th!

Now we offer you a new game to see how much you’ve drunk!

Can you find the Cocker Spaniel?

If you’re reading this article sober, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the dog hiding among all these foam-filled pitchers. Small hint, the dog you will be looking for is a Cocker Spaniel.

Take a close look at the following image and try to focus:

Where is the cute little dog’s face? ¬©Dogbuddy

Ok, since we are very kind, we give you a second hint: the dog does not hide in a glass of beer or in the foam because, after all, beer is not good for dogs!

Instead, it hides between two thick glasses of beer

The solution

Think you’ve found the answer? Or maybe not? Ok let’s help you, maybe you’ve already been drinking early in the morning! Here is the solution:

Here is the solution!

Let us know if you found it in a comment at the bottom of this page 👇

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