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on Rai 1 the film for the Day of Remembrance (Trailer)


The horror of war and the loyalty of a dog.

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Wednesday January 25, on the eve of Remembrance Daycomes in premiere Zack, hero dogat 21.25 on Rai 1.

Sheperd: The Story of a Jewish Dog was produced in the United States in 2019 by director Lynn Roth and based on the Israeli novel The jewish dog.

Set during World War II in Berlin, the feature film tells the story of a Jewish boy, his family and their four-legged friend.

Zack, hero dog: the plot

Zack is a loyalist German Shepherd who is snatched from his family in Berlin, Germany during the second World Warwhen the Nuremberg laws, which forbid Jews from keeping animals, come into force.

The dog is adopted by an SS officer, who turns him into a fighting animal able to attack and maintain order in the death camps.

Among the Jewish families who are deported to the concentration camps where they were confined due to Nazi racial discrimination there is also that of little Joshua.

One day, Zack smells a familiar smell: it’s just that of his master Joshua! The dog is delighted to see him again and helps him escape from captivity.

The pet is the best friend of the protagonist and shows a very high level of loyalty towards him.

Cast del film Sheperd: The Story of a Jewish Dog

The cast is made up as follows:

  • Joshua: the child protagonist of the film, played by August Maturo
  • Zack: Joshua’s dog
  • Ralph: Ken Duke
  • Shoshanna: Ayelet Zurer
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Zack, hero dog: trailer

Here is the Italian trailer of the film Zack, hero dog.

This film manages to perfectly combine two contrasting themes such as the horror of the extermination camps and the love for animals.

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