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On a construction site, bricklayers hear strange noises and make a disturbing discovery (Video)


Special day for some construction workers.

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Francesca Discipoli

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The rescue we are about to tell you about took place on a construction site in Bronxa New York (Usa).

The workers came face to face with a kitten which seemed to be petrified by the cold.

3 days to get back on my feet

As he tells Megan Licaripresident of Puppy Kitty NyCityto the site The Dodothe workers had already heard it meow the day before.

“When they found her, she was frozen. When we arrived, her temperature was so low that she couldn’t even be registered with a thermometer.’

The volunteers of the association, called to save the kitten, rushed to the vet to try to save her life.

More dead than alive

After warming her up and giving her good food, the kitten started to to recover.

“It took him three days to get back to normal (…) He needed a lot of treatment… But now he’s really happy”.

Once arrived at the association, the kitten, which was called Yankee, has begun to reveal its true nature. A character dolce and affectionate who immediately captured the attention of a family.

Today little Yankee enjoys the warmth of hers new houseaway from the cold of construction sites.

A great thanksgiving to the kind-hearted workers who helped save a life.

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