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Nymph parrot – characteristics, price, nutrition, breeding

A pet of many people is a dog, cat or possibly a rodent. However, parrots can also make great family companions. A common species of these birds in Polish homes is the nymph parrot. What does it look like? What conditions do you need to provide? Is it excessively noisy? What cage will be right for her? These are just a few questions that we will answer in the article. If you want to get to know this colorful and cute bird, read about it now!

A species of parrot – a nymph from Australia

The nymph parrot comes from Australia. It was there that this species was discovered at the end of the 18th century. It quickly became a popular breeding bird due to its friendly disposition. At first glance, the nymph is distinguished from other similar species of exotic birds. It has colorful plumage and a characteristic tip on the head.

What do nymph parrots look like?

Nymphs can be included in the group of birds of medium size. Their body length is approximately 30 cm, including the tail. The animal weighs little, about 100 g.

In nature, the nymph parrot usually has gray plumage, with slight yellow or orange markings on its head, but in captivity it can be a very colorful bird. Breeding parrots are crossed in such a way as to obtain the appropriate color of the feathers. So you can meet animals with the color:

  • pearl;
  • cinnamon;
  • lutino – where there is a predominance of yellow;
  • shek – with colored spots on the plumage;
  • white-headed – a parrot with a blue coat, no orange spots on the head.
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What else are the colors of nymph parrots?

Males usually have more colorful plumage than females. White and blue nymphs are also popular varieties. The white nymph has a yellow head and orange, characteristic “baking” on the cheeks. White parakeets – albino birds are a rare specimen. Their plumage is all white, but the bird’s eyes are red.

What does a blue nymph look like? A parrot with such plumage is actually slightly gray, hence the effect of bluish feathers.

The friendly disposition of a nymph parrot

Nymphs parrots are very interesting birds also in terms of their character. First of all, they are outgoing, friendly and very active. They show intelligence and are interested in what surrounds them. A tamed nymph will willingly accompany its guardian, sitting on his shoulder. Playing and learning new tricks is a lot of fun for her.

Why can’t a nymph parrot be alone?

You need to know that the nymph parrot is not a bird that likes solitude. If you leave her in a cage without occupation or even a second parakeet, she can become depressed and sad. Males will even be aggressive sometimes. In contact with a human, they will start asking for attention, which can become quite bothersome.

It may not be a very good idea to place a mirror in the nymph’s cage to provide her with a “companion”. These parrots are intelligent birds, so they won’t fall for it.

Nymphs – screaming and singing parrots

It would seem that nymph parrots are noisy. However, they actually have a voice that is very pleasing to the human ear. Male nymphs can sing beautifully. The voices made by nymphs parakeets should not irritate anyone in the household. These animals whistle more often than screech, which clearly distinguishes them from other exotic species.

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Do all nymph parrots sing?

In a natural environment, the screams of parrots, including nymphs, are a natural sound that they use to communicate with each other. Males are louder than females, which sometimes refuse to make any sounds. Nymphs parrots can perfectly imitate overheard melodies, and even the sound of a human voice.

How to breed a nymph parrot?

By choosing to breed a nymph in your home, you take responsibility for the bird. First of all, before the parrot comes to your house or apartment, you need to arrange a suitable cage for it. Remember that these birds are very active and love to fly. The cage must therefore be large enough to prevent the animal from bumping its wings against it. The minimum size of such a cage for a pair of nymph parrots is 80 x 50 x 80 cm. Ideally, it should be rectangular in shape. It is also worth considering an open-air aviary.

What to put in a cage for a nymph parrot?

Here are some of our tips.

  1. In the cage, install poles on which the parakeets will sit.
  2. Set up bowls – (at least two) for food and fresh water.
  3. Cover the bottom with paper towels, which will make cleaning easier.
  4. In the cage, do not forget to put toys for your pets, such as ladders, biting twigs and swings.

Where to put a cage for a nymph parakeet?

It is important to keep the cage away from the window or heat source (e.g. a radiator or fireplace). The nymph parrot feels good in rooms where the household is most often present. You should release her from the cage whenever you have the opportunity, but don’t forget to close the windows and doors so that she doesn’t run away. A confused bird can have serious problems returning home.

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What do nymph parrots eat?

Time to talk about caring for nymphs. These parrots need the right food for healthy development and growth. They feed primarily on grains, so choose a mix that is mostly millet and canary. The diet of nymphs is supplemented with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables and oilseeds. Remember to put a limestone cube in the cage, which will be used to grind their beaks and provide the body with the necessary minerals.

What not to give a parrot to a nymph?

You cannot give these parrots, for example, salted sunflower seeds, because salt is deadly to their digestive system. Don’t add it to anything you give your budgie nymph. And it should have access to the sand it eats. It supports digestive processes in this way.

Nymph – a parrot and its cost

Little conflict, talented, sociable nymph is an ideal home pet for people who have time at their disposal. You can play with it and hold it on your shoulder. It is not problematic to maintain. And how much does a nymph parrot cost? The price of such a parakeet is not excessive – you will pay 50-100 PLN.

As you can see, nymphs are really beautiful and extraordinary pets. However, they require attention and still want to have fun. They must also have a suitable cage so that they can feel at ease. Interestingly, when such an animal chooses a partner, it is for life and the pairs of such birds should not be separated. Nymphs parrots live up to 14 years and longer. If you are considering such a pet, then you need to make a sensible decision and think carefully about it.