Mountain lorikeet – what are the requirements of this species of parrot?

The mountain lorikeet is one of the most colorful bird species, even among parrots themselves. The natural conditions in which these animals occur should be best reproduced in the breeder’s home, as well as their specific diet. The mountain lorikeet is quite a loud species and can master even the repetition of sounds from the environment. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for a person who appreciates silence. Is the lorikeet parrot an easy-to-eat bird? What is the character? How much is? We answer these questions and many more in the article!

Where is Lorikeet most common in the wild?

Like most parrots, this species also occurs naturally in warm climates. In the case of mountain loris, these are the most common areas of southern and eastern Australia. You can also meet her in:

  • Indonesia;
  • New Guinea;
  • New Zealand.

It lives mainly in forests – both eucalyptus, rainy and mangrove. In general, it can be said that it likes wooded areas, as it is also seen in parks, orchards and even private gardens. These parrots are not animals tied to one place of residence. They can migrate in search of food. Their nests are most often found in rotten trees where they look for hollows.

What is the plumage of the mountain lorikeet?

As already mentioned, the mountain lorikeet boasts exceptionally colorful feathers. They wear almost all the colors of the rainbow. Most of the body is covered with green feathers – they predominate on the back, wings and tail. The greatest riot of colors can be seen on the bird’s abdomen. It changes from blue at the bottom to red to orange and yellow at the top. The head area is blue and the bird’s beak is red. Small yellow or blue markings may also appear in various places all over the body.

How to distinguish a male Mountain Lorikeet from a female?

It is not an easy task. Parrots do not differ in size – birds can reach about 30 centimeters in length and weigh about 130 grams. The plumage is the same regardless of gender, although there is one slight difference. Males usually have bright red irises, while females have a more bright orange or even yellow color. However, this may be a false assumption, so it is best to leave it to your veterinarian to determine the sex of your bird unequivocally.

What kind of life does the lorikeet parrot in the wild lead?

The mountain lorikeet is a naturally very active and highly mobile bird. He almost constantly changes his place of residence and looks for food. Although animals never live alone, they do not form very large clusters – most often birds can be found in pairs or small groups of several individuals. They are also very social. They like several other birds of their kind around and are loyal to them.

Mountain lorikeet – breeding and the conditions that must be provided for it

Due to the great need for movement, this species of parrot requires a sufficiently large cage. It is worth remembering that birds should always be kept together. You have to consider this when choosing the right place. Mountain lorikeet can be successfully kept in the aviary, also in the outdoor one. This type of run will provide the birds with enough space to fly and allow them to maintain an appropriate level of activity. Unfortunately, it should be noted that these birds dirty the cage with faeces quite often and profusely. Therefore, you must remember to put on an easily replaceable substrate.

Will the mountain loris learn to speak?

The lorikeet parrot is one of the social birds, which means that it will look for closeness to humans, with whom it will be happy to spend time playing and all activities stimulating its development.. Speaking can also be a good training and a way to connect with people. This species is perhaps not as talkative and talented in this respect as, for example, the African Gray Parrot, which does not mean that it cannot master simple, basic words. The Lorikeet parrot can easily master some words and will pronounce it very accurately.

What is the nature of the mountain lorikeet?

As we have already mentioned, the mountain lorikeet is extremely social, which does not mean, however, that it will always behave impeccably. If she is too agitated (even from being excited) or scared, she can severely bite the owner. It also requires release from the cage if it is not kept in a sufficiently large aviary. In such a case, it should always be watched, as it may turn out to be malicious and have destructive tendencies. However, it should be remembered that violence against an animal will definitely not solve the problem, and may even make it worse.

What should the mountain lorike parrot be fed with?

In the wild, birds of this species eat mainly nectar and pollen, and supplement their diet with fruit, seeds, small invertebrates and insects. For this reason, they have quite specific nutritional requirements that must be met. You can give her ready-made, concentrated nectar or make it yourself. In addition, the diet of birds should include fruit, e.g .:

  • pears;
  • bananas;
  • apples;
  • homemade fruit compotes.

Interestingly, mountain loris can also be served ready-made fruit desserts for children. What else? From time to time, the birds should receive insect larvae, as well as pudding, biscuits and condensed milk.

Diseases that can be contracted by mountain loris

Although birds of this species like to stay in outdoor aviaries, they should be transported to a warm home in winter. The cold can cause inflammation of their airways. Another disease these birds can suffer from are internal and external parasites. The former can cause you to lose weight despite your appetite, while the latter cause scabies and loss of feathers. Remember that unattended pets may develop serious fractures or other injuries when flying around a room. They can also happen if there are too many accessories in the cage or aviary.

Mountain lorikeet – price for one individual

How much is mountain lorikeet? These birds are not the most popular species, so their price is not the lowest. However, they are not as expensive as, for example, cockatoos. Usually, one parrot costs just over PLN 500. The price should not exceed PLN 1,000. When deciding to buy a bird, however, be sure to buy a pair of parrots as these parrots don’t like being alone.

The mountain lorikeet is a unique parrot with a beautiful color. If you provide her with the right conditions, she will be a great companion. Remember to take care of her diet and watch her more sometimes. Provide her with a bird company as well!