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Mother cat’s reaction to the assault of her 7 kittens goes viral (Video)

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The mother cat scene is going around the world!

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Ilenia Colombo

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The video of a cat opening up to motherhood is going around the world.

A clip was shared on Twitter with a revolutionary comment that affected thousands of users.

Motherhood exhausts mother cat

This shot fully demonstrates how much mother cat is overwhelmed from his lively litter!

“One of my favorite scenes are the cats that seem completely unprepared for the realities of parenting,” reads the description.

Here is the full video:

The protagonist of the video is called acata gray and white feline overwhelmed by her new role in life, that of mother.

And it is no less since in the images you can see a total of 7 adorable kittens lying in front of their exasperated mom or crawling on her.

Everyone wants to get the matriarch’s attention at any cost! But probably the most surprising of the puppies is the one that stays on his mother’s head.

Even with four of the litter apparently asleep, the mother cannot rest with the other three who they rub against her for one reason or another.

Acat sowed lost in contemplation of her life decisions while surrounded by the busy litter of kittens.

Viral images

As soon as the tweet was published, the post was retweeted over 50,000 times and surpassed 340,000 likes.

But that’s not all, the video of Acat with her young has generated an avalanche of photos of animals equally “unprepared for the reality of parenthood”, including:

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