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Manolo’s meeting with his mistress after 5 years breaks my heart (Video)

A night like many others, a cane fu stolen in his house, leaving his master devastated.

After fruitless searches, in April 2022 this nightmare ended in the most beautiful way: the animal returned to his family, who were waiting for him with open arms and eyes full of tears.

The video of the meeting place has become viralmoving the whole web!

Gone for 5 years

The dog is called Manoloera passed away in 2017 and was found by pure chance: according to the local press, it had been found on the farm of a man who had just died along with other dogs.

The operators who had rescued the animals checked the health of each and checked each microchip.

And there the discovery: one of the dogs belonged to a woman who had some reported the theft years earlier.

“Manolito”, as his loved ones call him, has an eye injury from which he will probably not be able to recover, but that ailment is nothing compared to joy of seeing his family again after a long time!

The exciting meeting

When the news broke, the video of Manolo’s reunion with his human spread through several profiles sui social network and it went viral immediately thanks to all the love it gives off.

As soon as she sees him, the dog’s owner throws herself on the ground with him to give him all the caresses she hasn’t been able to give him in the last 5 years:

“Where have you been my life?” What have they done to you? »Asks the woman to the little dog.

“My love, where have you been like this all this time?” the woman says to the dog in tears. The animal needs a few seconds to recognize it, but when he “discovers” it starts to cry inconsolably, he licks her face and wags his tail.

The microchip is important

Manolito’s story was used by local animal welfare associations for raise awareness health professionals and future owners toimportance of the microchip and also remember that it is obligatory.

In this way, as happened with Manolo, owners can find their dog after it has been lost or stolen.

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