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Luna, an 11-year-old girl with a special mission for dogs (Video)

We are a Beirut, in Lebanon, Middle East. And this is the story of Lunaan 11-year-old girl with a mission not quite common to all adolescents of her age.

Her natural passion for dogs, especially those less fortunate, led her to commit herself to their protection and well-being.

An innate passion for dogs

Mirvat, his mum, founded The Critter Whisperers Society. An organization of animal lovers that collaborates with local and international rescue groups and initiatives to give a better life to dogs in need.

“Since I was a child, I have always loved being in the midst of dog shelters. It is truly heartbreaking that there are so many stray dogs in my country », begins the Moon’s moving tale a The Dodo.

A difficult rescue

In particular, Luna told the story of a stray white dog, later called Audi. She was pregnant, hungry, terrified and often rummaged in the garbage.

Luna and her mom as soon as they see her, immediately go to her rescue, giving her food and water.

As the days go by, they notice that her belly gets bigger and bigger. Shortly after, however, the four-legged dog disappears in the middle of the woods and her traces are lost.

The birth of the puppies

Edited by Mirvat they look for it for months, but without success. But as the Christmas season approaches, the surprise:

“It was Christmas Eve when she gave birth and she came back the next day.”

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Being able to take Audi and save it was not easy:

“We tried several times to trap Audi in order to save it. The first time we didn’t succeed, but Audi took us straight to its puppies. The next day she showed up. We had to run to take her puppies to the cave because she was terrified. ‘

Then he adds:

“They were 9 beautiful puppies. They were healthy and happy and Audi always took care of them ».

The great mission of The Critter Whisperers Society

The association of Mirvat and Luna deals with save the dogs and take them to Canadawhere they are adopted by their families forever.

To do all this, they are joined by two helpers, Karla e Childrenknown al Buddha’s Pack Sheltera Lebanese dog shelter and rescue initiative.

In particular, the two women take care of taking photos and videos for publish adoption announcements of rescued animals.

«When we receive requests from potential adopters and if we think they are suitable, we accompany the dogs to the airport, Yara says.

All do not deny what it is like difficult to take care of the trip of the four-legged in Canada:

“Sending the dogs is a matter of small details. There is a lot of work behind the scenes to send them to Canada, ”confesses Karla.

Luna does not hide hers emotion in seeing the dogs he is so fond of leaving:

“When the time came to say goodbye, we were moved because we will never see them again. We took the pet carriers to the gate and watched them get on the plane. ‘

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And he concludes:

“It makes us all very happy to see how dogs have a second chance at life. I love the work I do. I feel I have to help them because they deserve a happy life. I will make sure to save as many dogs as possible ».

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