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Katarzynka – an exotic breeding bird

Ajmarc are very popular breeding birds that do not require too much and are very pretty and quiet compared to other breeding birds. So if you are planning to buy a pet, consider a black-headed parrot. She will keep you company, and the children will be able to look after her. However, pay attention to the words, because Catherine keeps repeating them. However, we are not going to write anything inappropriate. If you want to get to know the ribbed hillock, stay and read more about it!

Ribbed cone, i.e. the popular Catherine parakeet

Ajmarki are otherwise known as striated slopes or – from the German language – katarzyki. These are parrots that have gained immense popularity in Polish exotic bird farms. The places where ribbed cones live are South America and Central America. They live in northwestern Venezuela, northern Colombia, south-central Peru and the area stretching from Panama to southern Mexico. Therefore, Katarzynki forms three populations, territorially separated from each other.

Coloration of the parakeet bird – male

The striped conch is green, regardless of age and gender. More attentive observers may notice that the back of the Catherine parrot is darker and olive green in color. Its belly is light green with an addition of a yellow shade, while the feathers have very dark edges, which gives the characteristic striations of these parrots. This is where their polonized name comes from, i.e. ribbed cone.

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Coloration of the striped cone – female

The female parrot is also green, but differs slightly from the male of this species. The differences can be seen mainly in the feathers, which have less pronounced stripes, and in the abdomen, which does not have a yellow tinge. The females are also smaller, which can be seen especially in the beaks and heads of these birds. At first, the young resemble females, but if they come from one nest, their sex can be determined. It is enough to compare the size of the head. If this is larger, you are dealing with a male.

Where does the Catherine parrot live?

The Eastern Parrot is usually seen on rocky mountain slopes and rarely on those covered with trees.. Ribbed cone looks for food, i.e. fruit and seeds, wandering among the rocks. It happens that this breeding bird is in danger. Then, however, the intelligent Catherine parrot finds shelter between boulders or crevices. Interestingly, blackbird parrots do not form larger herds and go through life in pairs or in a small group that makes up a family. Their nests can be found, among others in hollows of dead trees.

Eurasian parrot – domestic bird

Ribbed cone is perfect for breeding in an apartment, because:

  • does not scream;
  • does not make noise.

The only sounds these parrots make are chirping which is soft and pleasant to the ears. They can be kept in small 75 cm x 75 cm cages, where they will surely feel at home. Their main advantage is that they do not panic and rush all over the cage. Parakeets only “clip” their tail feathers as a sign of their dissatisfaction, as if they were cutting with scissors. That is why people who just want to start breeding exotic birds, buy first parrots.

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Black parrot – a bird full of love and affection

Ribbed cone is very attached to its partner. Some even believe that the love of this species surpasses the feelings of lovebirds and that they should be referred to as the “love bird”. A lonely male Catherine parrot can be seen in really exceptional situations, for example when the female sits on eggs or warms her young in the nest. This bird is equally attached to its owner, who can easily be tamed. So much so that you can teach a parrot to talk. However, you must be careful what you say so that the bird does not remember, for example, curses.

What does the parrot katarzynka eat, or the diet of the rhizome

Catherine is a grain-eater, meaning she eats seeds for parrots in the first place. Also buy a protein mix (e.g. egg) so that your bird budgerigars are a specimen of health. Every day, give them greens, such as carrots, and from time to time add sepia, egg shells or lime cubes to the bird’s diet. This way you will provide your pets with the best health.
Katarzynka is a popular and very easy to breed exotic bird that came to Poland from America. The ribbed waffle is not loud, which is one of its many advantages. It is a beautiful parrot that becomes very attached to its owner very quickly. Importantly, she can speak, so in her company you need to pay attention to your words. To keep the parrot healthy and energetic, take care of its proper diet by providing the pet with vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and grains. Luckily, you can even order parrot food online now, so you won’t have a problem with that.

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