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As owners of furs, we often find ourselves in the difficulty of choosing the perfect type of food for the tails at home.

This is due to the wide variety of information that each brand on the market provides us with every step of the way. At the same time, the variety of current nutritional trends has a great contribution; which in most cases, as scientists like to do, are questionable.

Cereal-free food is perhaps one of the most debated trends today.
This type of diet is based on studies of the evolutionary eating habits of the wild ancestors of our companions.
Studies supporting this diet show that the presence of cereals in cat or dog food is not necessary.

Both wolves and wild dogs in the wild build a meat-based diet. This is enough to provide the full supply of nutrients they need.
By meat we mean also organs, carcass and indirectly part of partially digested herbs / vegetables, found in the intestines or stomach of their prey.
Organ consumption plays an important role in the wild. They are the main source of the vitamins they need. The ratio of consumption between muscle and organ is instinctively balanced according to individual needs.

Carnivorous or herbivorous, like any responsible mother, nature, makes sure that nothing is missing from her children’s diet. Thus, regardless of the food principle of the species, there is a well-established balance in providing the elements they need.

Returning to the example of wolves, they will take their vitamins in the necessary ratio, from the consumption of internal organs. Thus the ratio between proteins (muscles), vitamins and minerals (internal organs and carcass) will be balanced and complete.

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Why do most pet foods contain grain?

Cereals are a less expensive source of energy and nutrients that our pets need.
Although cereals are not harmful to pets, their presence in the bowl can sensitize or create allergic problems.
Allergies are now becoming more common among our four-legged friends, and cereals seem to be involved in aggravating or causing them.
Another common condition is obesity and weight problems, to which excess cereals and carbohydrates can contribute.

Is cereal-free food a good choice for my cat or dog?

Most cats (without physiological changes) can do better without the presence of grain in the bowl. They can get the necessary amino acids from meat.

However, there is a significant difference in lifestyle between the savannah lion and the cat on the couch – even though at 6 in the morning they can meow just as impressively.
This way our tiger cubs on the couch will also need fiber in their diet; need that can be covered by the presence of vegetables in the food.

Also, most cereal-free food recipes rely on the quality of the ingredients to be as natural and as unprocessed as possible, not at all, thus preserving the natural flavor.
This can sometimes be a downside to appreciating your fur, as these diets promote natural taste without additives, so if your puppy or cat is already accustomed to a type of food whose taste is amplified by various additives, we may face initially with a refusal.

The amount of daily food will need to be adjusted accordingly. In general, the amount of food an animal needs from a grain-free diet is much less than the grain-containing food.
This is because the ingredients that make up a small amount are enough to provide your pet with everything his body needs from a meal.

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Do not be surprised if a bag of dry food without cereals will arrive longer, respectively if the animal with a sense of responsibility will not empty the full bowl at a table.

As in our case, not every diet is generally valid as the best for our pet, and this is due to the uniqueness of each fur.

The veterinarian is the most suitable person who can guide you to the best choice in your pet’s diet, taking into account his breed, age, lifestyle and especially the health status of the animal.

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