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Indestructible dog toys: which ones to choose?

Indestructible dog toys: dream or reality? As furbaby lovers know well, talking about toys that are truly destined to last for eternity is almost impossible because even extremely resistant toys tend, over time and above all with use, to have to be replaced due to wear.

However, it is one thing to spend your days buying replacement trinkets for Fido while another thing is knowing that you have many months ahead of you before being forced to make a new purchase.

If it is true that indestructible toys for dogs are (still) a dream, it is also true that there are toys to buy capable of guaranteeing a very long life and that creating indestructible dog toys (at least for some time and bites) it’s not difficult at all. Here are some useful tips!

Natural (and ecological) products

Among the resistant toys for dogs that can be easily purchased, natural ones are gaining great popularity. Also in this case, as we said, indestructibility is not guaranteed for eternity, but the duration is still very long.

The first must have for owners looking for an indestructible dog toy are the deer antlers bones which, easily available in online pet supply stores where they are also found in an ecological version, guarantee a long life and maximum joy for Fido.

The four-legged, through its superfine sense of smell, will not be able to resist the wild aroma given off by these very particular bones.

Available in different formats depending on the size of the pet, these indestructible toys for dogs are absolutely natural.

The same goes for the buffalo horns for dogs which – also completely odorless for the two paws – can be used by the domestic dog for many hours and have the concrete advantage of not dirtying at all.

The most famous of indestructible dog toys

Both deer and buffalo horn bones are suitable for dogs of all sizes (although, of course, when making your choice, you will need to select the most suitable format for your furry friend, always choosing slightly larger objects so that the dog does not risk ingesting them accidentally).

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something different, it will be good to move towards the indestructible game par excellence, that is to say the “legendary” KONG.

How does KONG for dogs work?

This item, made by the American brand of the same name, is often recommended by veterinarians and trainers precisely because it is almost impossible to break and has a very particular shape that guarantees an unpredictable bounce and makes it particularly suitable for fetch games (among the most loved dog games).

Not only that, though. Being characterized by an empty internal part, in fact, it was created to be “stuffed” with wet feed for dogs (or equally moist home-made dishes) and guarantees Fido to spend a lot of time as he tries to conquer the tidbits this ingenious object is filled with.

This toy is also proposed as an excellent pastime to adopt for those wondering how to train the dog to stay alone at home.

Another advantage: since it is a practically indestructible toy for dogs, it is also suitable for puppies who will be able to use it happily for soothe the discomfort during the teething period.

Last plus? The price which is less than 20 euros.

Create indestructible dog toys

The third possibility for those looking for a long-lasting pastime for Fido is to create indestructible dog toys. In this case the actual duration of the trinket will obviously depend on many factors but the advantage is that – by creating the game with salvage pieces – the wallet will not be affected except marginally.

Among the do-it-yourself dog games, go ahead, therefore, to:

  • tennis balls wrapped in mismatched socks;
  • fabric balls made at home with recycled fabrics;
  • complicated weaves of super resistant ropes.

I rope games for dogsin fact, they are practically indestructible and by intertwining two or three you will be able to give your beloved furry a fun and robust game that will keep him busy for a long time.

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