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in Ischia a small miracle after the landslide

Still searching in the rubble of Ischia. It is searched with molecular dogs. You search without stopping. Because there are 300 and more le people left homeless. Why the confirmed victims they are already 8 and must not increase. Because there mustn’t be other 21-day-old Giovangiuseppe among those who lost their lives, that life that has just begun.

And yet, with research, even small miracles can happen, which give hope and make us imagine a happy ending for everyone: as happened in Thorand Pit bull missing for days and that, finally, it was found.

How is Thor

To lend the first aid after the discovery it was the LOAD: the big dog was in shock and wounded in the legbut with timely treatment he is now better and has been returned to his owner, Vincent, that he will need your support badly.

Yes, because Vincenzo is none other than the Joanna’s brotherthe young mother of Giovangiuseppe, who died in the rubble of her house with her family and whose dog Yuki managed to save herself by waiting in vain for her family in the rubble of their car.

Thor and Vincenzo will now have to remain united more than ever to overcome the pain that has involved their family and to bring a smile back to poor Akita Yuki as well.

All the same reaction

Thor was found by two citizens near the Via Celariowhere the drama started, where two families disappeared into the mud.

Like all the other dogs in the area, in fact, even the Pit Bull returned to the rubble, as if wanting to smell something familiar which unfortunately, however, the eyes can no longer find. In short, a normal attitude that derives from the post-traumatic shock experienced by the animal.

Let’s hope that all this pain will one day hurt less. But some things, unfortunately, are never forgotten.

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