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How to tell if a cat is pregnant?

Many owners of four-legged friends often ask themselves How to tell if a cat is pregnant. The answer is simple: a pregnant feline shows signs of sweet expectation for her shortly after conception. Knowing the variations in behavior and physique it is possible to immediately realize that our kitten is carrying a nice litter in her womb.

Once these signs are understood, all that remains is to contact the vet to ensure that our furry roommate lives this magical moment to the fullest. So here’s a guide to the signs to catch of the pregnancy of the cat.

How to tell if a cat is pregnant?

Telling if a cat is pregnant isn’t very difficult. First you need to have some suspicions if our cat escaped during the heat period. In fact, if the cat has moved away from home in this particular period of her estrous cycle and once she returns we realize that no longer exhibits heat symptoms we might begin to have some suspicions.

Of course it is not possible to be sure of conception a few days later, but yeah towards the third week of pregnancy the first symptoms begin to appear.

Caution: It is possible that the cat will continue to go into heat even after being fertilized. If your kitty has escaped, she has moved away from home or there is simply a suspicion of pregnancy, go to the vet so that the specialist can confirm or remove this suspicion.

What are the symptoms of a pregnant cat?

How to tell if a cat is pregnant? Simple, observe her symptoms! In general, a pregnant cat has:

  • a progressive swelling of the abdomen;
  • an increase in the volume of the nipples (which are preparing to nurse the litter) and their redness;
  • a swelling of the outside of the vagina;
  • a greater appetite than usual.

If you experience these symptoms, go to the vet so that he can check the situation and give advice suitable for each specific case.

The physical symptoms are also accompanied by a change in the behavior of the pregnant cat.

Behavioral symptoms of the cat in early pregnancy

If you are wondering how to tell if a cat is pregnant, know that during the first period of gestation the cat will behave in a more affectionate than usualwill seek attention, but also tranquility and lots of food.

Once the belly has grown, usually around the first month of pregnancy, the cat will begin to eat less due to the pressure that puppies in training exert on their stomachs.

Behavioral symptoms of the cat at the end of pregnancy

The last period of the cat’s pregnancy is instead characterized by a shy and solitary behavior.

Caution: each pregnancy is a wonderful experience in itself. We have explained what happens in most cases of cat pregnancy, but the behavior of the cat can vary depending on the case.

Pregnant cat: what to do?

We have seen in general how to understand if a cat is pregnant through her behavior, but how should the owner behave instead? How can we help our feline friend in this delicate moment of life?

First you need to adapt the feeding of the cat to the situation by asking the vet for advice who will be able to indicate the type and quantity of suitable food.

It’s also important create a quiet space and secluded to ensure that the cat can feel safe: in this case a sort of nest can be created with blankets and pillows around the kennel, in order to ensure the cat a place without draughts, warm and peaceful.

Finally you have to respect the behavior of the cat: if the cat is looking for affection, let’s satisfy this need, but if it is shy and seeks isolation and tranquility, let it be free to fully and calmly enjoy this joyful moment.

How to prepare for the birth of the cat?

Alongside the behavior to be implemented during the pregnancy of the cat, other precautions must be foreseen.

First you have to think that the future puppies will need a family that takes care of them and pampers them, for this reason if you don’t have the possibility to keep the kittens with you, it is advisable to look for families to whom to entrust them once they are weaned.

Furthermore, if the pregnancy had not been planned and you want to avoid a second one, it is advisable to ask your vet for advice on the possibility of carrying out a sterilization operation.

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