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How to teach a dog to stay command

If you’ve been training your dog for a while and still find that it’s not obeying the stay command as well as you would like it to, then there are a few things you can try. There are many ways that you can teach a dog to stay in command.

Firstly, make sure that your dog is calm and well-behaved before attempting to teach or work through any commands. This will result in a more cooperative and patient pet. Next up, make sure you do not give any other commands (such as ‘come here’) whilst your dog is being trained on how to obey stay command – this will confuse the animal and decrease the chance of success.


And the second way is through Positive Reinforcement Training. What you need to do is figure out what you should give a dog when they stay in place for more than 20 seconds (it should be something like food, using a toy, or giving them attention).

Here is how you can teach a dog to stay

1. Get plenty of praise and reward your wonderful pet immediately after it complies with the Stay command – only reward the dog when it complies with remain or sits, but not both at the same time!

Remember that your commands must always be well-rewarded and reinforced; otherwise, they will become unmanageable!

2. Never punish the dog – negative reinforcement, such as shouting at your pet or even hitting it, will not encourage a healthy relationship with your dog. You want to train it properly and calmly; without the need for any punishment.

3. Keep training sessions short; you don’t want to frighten or tire out your animal too much!

4. Never set yourself up for failure; if your dog is likely to disobey stay commands, avoid situations that will force it to do so. Make sure that the dog is completely calm and well-behaved before you attempt to teach or work through stay command; otherwise, you’re wasting time and effort!

5. Be creative, but be disciplined; else you’ll end up frustrated and unsure of how to proceed further. You can always use food rewards, praise, or affection to reinforce your pet’s response if it obeys stay commands under any situation.

6. Reward your dog when it obeys commands in the appropriate manners; however small the reward, you want to make sure that all positive efforts are rewarded with ample praise and satisfaction!

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Now, this isn’t an exercise in obedience, since it’ll be up to your pup to obey your commands. But the more you teach your furry friend to listen, the less likely they are to go off-leash and into trouble.

A well-trained dog is not only a loyal companion but also a valuable asset that’s essential for any home. So who better than you, their owner? If you’re ready for some new tricks with your upper, read on!

The first step is always to make sure that they know what “stay” means. I like to reinforce this word with lots of praise when my dog stops abruptly or does something else I want him to do (like come here).

Doing so not only reaffirms what “stay” means, but also builds a positive association with the word. So if you have treated around, make sure to use them well.

Once your dog knows what “stay” means and understands the command, it’s time to start rewarding them for following it. If they continue to stay where you’ve asked them to, give them a treat and praise (adding in any other words you want to).

Step 1:

Make sure your dog is properly socialized with people, other dogs, kids, cats, horses, etc., before training him. If the pup is used to being around people for extended periods of time then he will have more patience when learning how to obey this new command.

Step 2:

Start by showing your dog the ‘Stay’ command while having something they want in front of them. Make sure to hold a treat in your hand while using the command. Once they start to obey the command, give them the treat. For best results, repeat this process several times a day.

Step 3:

After your dog has consistent results over several training sessions then try to put the ‘Stay’ command together with other commands that he already knows such as ‘Come’. To accomplish this, say the command for both of them at the same time and make sure to reward your canine with a treat after each session.

Step 4:

When your dog has learned how to stay from longer distances then try it from across the room. Do this by saying the command, putting something they want in front of them then walking out of sight around a corner or into another room. Make sure you praise them handsomely after each session if they behaved correctly.

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Step 5:

Once you have accomplished training your dog to obey the ‘Stay’ command at short distances it’s time to teach him how to do it at longer distances away from you. Start by saying the command then moving farther and farther away from your canine while still having something that they want in front of them.

Step 6:

Once he is able to do this at several different distances without any problems, get someone to act as if they are about to take the thing that your dog really wants away from him. Have them take several steps toward your dog without actually touching it. If your dog moves along with them then praise him heartily and give him a treat.

If you have accomplished training your canine friend how to stay at the above distances then move on to even longer ones. Start by saying the command then, still holding a treat in your hand, walk around a corner and have someone walk past your dog while he is sitting patiently just behind you. Once they have walked past him give him a treat or his favorite chew toy.

Step 7:

When your dog is now staying from as far as he can see, walk up to him and start giving him praise and treats as usual whenever he obeys commands from across the room. Repeat this process several times every day. Once this becomes a habit for both of you then your canine will be able to stay all the way across the room from you no matter what he is doing!

More ways to teach a dog to stay

Another great way to train your dog to stay is by using a leash and collar. The best time to do this is while you are walking him so it will be the most useful in the long run.

Step 1:

Start by saying the command ‘Stay’ when you are about 10 feet away from your dog. Hold a treat in one hand while he is looking at you with his head slightly elevated if possible.

If he doesn’t obey then bring him near you enough so that you can slip the leash on him, make sure it’s not too tight, then give him the treat for obeying your command.

Step 2:

The next step would be to repeat the process in point 9 but this time around, don’t give him the treat after he obeys your command. Instead, once you have slipped the leash on him and he has stayed where you had him then turn your back to walk away from him.

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If he moves then bring him near enough for you to slip the leash on and repeat the process in step 1. Keep repeating this until he can stay when you leave his side and walk away.

Step 3:

Once your dog is able to stay when you leave his sight it’s time to make sure that he is obedient while still having a leash on. Start by taking the leash off him so that he will have to react quickly to stay on his own.

Walk around the corner or into another room while still holding the leash so that he is not able to come toward you no matter how hard he tries. Give him a big smile and lots of praise when he obeys your command.

Step 4:

After your dog has learned how to stay while still having a leash on then try taking it off of him completely. While he is still obedient, give him some praise whenever he does what’s right. Make sure you keep giving him treats every time until he can sit without worrying about his leash at all!

How long does it take a dog to learn to stay?

It takes a dog about a week to learn how to stay. If there are consistent mistakes, it will take up to 10 days. However, if the dog has been allowed to run around without being taken on a walk at least once every day, the process could take as much as three weeks.

The length of time it takes for your pup to learn this command depends on many factors – how much time they have been given and what you have done with that time – but generally speaking, dogs can typically learn these types of commands in just a few days.

The article discusses the duration of learning the stay command for different dogs and methods used for training dogs. At the conclusion of the article, there is mention that in some cases dogs may be unable to learn and it may take alternatives like professional help and training classes to get the dog

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