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How to stop the cat from going to the neighbor? Here are 4 tips

Our felines are famous for their curiosity and resourcefulness, which combined with handsome athletic skills make the cat capable of sneaking into the most inopportune places, such as the terrace, garden or balcony of the neighbour. To a proud owner it will seem strange that someone would not like the presence of their pet around his property, but often it is.

If with dogs it is much easier to implement physical restraints by preventing them from trespassing into other people’s territory, with cats you have to get smart, indeed, smarter than them. So here are some tips on how to stop the cat from going to the neighbor and not only.

Who has to look after the cat that goes to the neighbors?

Asking how to prevent the cat from going to the neighbor is essential to avoid legal disputes with those who live near our house. L’article 2052 of the Civil Code establishes that

¬ęThe owner of an animal or whoever uses it for the time in which he has it in use, is responsible for the damage caused by the animal, whether it was in his custody, or if it was lost or escaped, unless the case can be proved fortuitous”.

Therefore whoever has the animal in custody is responsible for any damage that it causes to third parties. Even if we think that our cat can do nothing wrong, it is necessary to consider the neighbor’s point of view and the possible damage that our pet could cause him and for which we are responsible, such as for example:

  • break objects,
  • destroy plants,
  • urinate and defecate in unsuitable places,
  • be aggressive towards strangers,
  • be a carrier of diseases (if not adequately protected) or allergies,
  • harass other neighbor’s animals.
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How to stop the cat from going to the neighbor?

In light of this, finding a permanent solution to the problem is of prime importance. How to prevent the cat from going to the neighbor then? The first thing to do in such cases is understand the reason for this behavior: does he get food in that place? Is there a little place where you love to take refuge? Is there a particularly stimulating environment for him? Even if he is sterilized does he leave home?

Once you understand what attracts the cat to the neighbor’s territory, try to fill this lack by acting accordingly. Here are some tips on how to prevent your cat from going to the neighbor.

1. Train the cat

The first thing to do is start educating the cat. You need more patience but the results come, especially when you start at a young age. But even if the cat is already old, using positive reinforcement helps a lot in these cases: reward him when he comes home immediately by responding to your call.

2. Provide adequate stimulation and shelter for the cat

Maybe Puss stays away from home and seeks shelter from his hostile neighbor? Try to provide him with a safe and warm place to take refuge, even in the garden of the house. Another possibility is that your cat is bored and decides to wander around the block.

Try to establish an entertainment routine, alternating games that involve physical exercise, but also mental activation.

3. Use feline-proof fences

If your home allows it, you might start thinking about fencing or cat containment systems. A useful remedy on how to prevent cats from going to the neighbor’s terrace are balcony safety nets which are intended to prevent the cat from falling, but at the same time they can block the road that goes straight to the terrace of its “enemy”.

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4. Establish a dialogue with the neighbor

Even if sometimes these situations generate hatred and conflict, it is essential to seek dialogue with the neighbor “invaded” by our animal.

As we have seen, in fact, the civil liability for a pet falls on whoever has custody of it, so it is right to be available to resolve this discomfort together and find a solution to the problem.

How to keep the neighbours’ cats away?

And if the roles were reversed and we were the neighbors studded with unwanted visits? Here are some harmless remedies on how to defend yourself from neighbor’s cats and how to prevent cats from urinating near your home.

  • Use plastic bottles filled with water to be placed in the places where they urinate most often: we don’t know why (it seems that cats are afraid of bottles of water) but it often works and is an excellent deterrent, even if a little unsightly.
  • Always clean the area thoroughly in which the guest possibly fulfills his needs in order to avoid being constantly marked.
  • Use physical barriers, such as nets for balconies, containment, or iron bars such as those used for pigeons. If you have the possibility to place them in small strategic areas, they will be an insurmountable obstacle that will discourage the cat from climbing.
  • Use natural deterrentssuch as cat repellent sprays that contain natural pheromones or essences that discourage the cat from approaching.
  • When you catch the feline intruder in the act, you can discourage him spraying it with a few jets of water from a spray bottle in order to annoy him to the point of making him stop wanting to come back, but without hurting him.
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How to stop the cat from going to the neighbor when none of these solutions worked? Unfortunately or fortunately, the qualities of felines often go beyond our imagination and they always manage to find new ways to reach the place or object of desire. Also consider practicing more complex training or implementing structural solutions that are really effective.