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How to stop a dog from shedding

How to stop a dog from shedding.

Normally all dogs shed, and in most cases, it’s completely normal. It’s also not a problem that can be stopped completely. Your dog needs to at least shed his old hair once in a while so that the new hair can take its place, which is all part of the natural hair growth cycle.

still, there are some truly effective ways to stop too much shedding on your dog, reducing the amount of hair your dog drops on your floors, table, and furniture, and make cleaning it up much easier.

And in this article, I will be writing on how to stop your dog from shedding so you can spend more time enjoying your dog’s company and you will have less time cleaning up the fur.

How To Stop a Dog from Shedding

When you put it all down, reducing excessively shedding mainly comes down to two things – making sure your dog’s food is optimum and set up a nice grooming routine. That’s it.

Once these two things right, you’re most of the way there. The other may I write about in this article and enlighting you more on how to manage or control the shedding.


Here are some ways to stop a dog from shedding

1)            Ensure your Dog’s food is perfect

2)            Consider a natural Remedy

3)            Ensure your Dog is Adequately Hydrated

4)            Bath your with a proper dog shampoo

5)            Brush your Dog with the Right Brush

6)            Try an omega-3 shedding supplemental

7)            Take control of fleas

1)            Ensure your dog’s food is perfect

 stop a dog from shedding:

There’s no such thing as a dog diet that completely stops your dog from shedding. But what you feed your dog really matters and does some serious damage to his health and the well-being of his body, as well as how often he sheds.

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And there are a so main reasons for this.

First of all, make sure your dog is eating proper and healthy food. A balanced diet can help ensure that your dog is healthy and thriving, and in turn, stop too much shedding caused by a poor diet.

2) Consider a Natural Remedy (How to stop a dog from shedding)

What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog For Shedding? -

This is similar to the previous method of using a supplement to reduce shedding. But instead of buying a chew treat, capsule, or bottle of oil, for example, you can use ingredients that are, in most cases, is been made or sold at a local supermarket or that are already in the store.

Which home remedies actually work?

 stop a dog from shedding: stop a dog from shedding:

There are different types of ideas out there, and while I haven’t tried all of them, but I have done my own research and/or tried some of the most simple ones. And what I’ve discovered is that the most effective are coconut oil or some form of omega-3 (like olive oil or fish oil.)


3) Ensure your Dog is Adequately Hydrated (How to stop a dog from shedding)

Can Dogs Drink Too Much Water?

The simple and often overlooked way to reduce shedding is to make sure your dog is drinking enough water. This is very important to your dog’s health and well-being and can impact shedding in different ways. For instance, low water intake could lead to dry skin.

Which in revolve could lead to skin irritation, hair gland weakening, and hair falling out needlessly.

How much water is enough?

Is Your Puppy Drinking Enough Water? – stop a dog from shedding:

The common concord is that dogs should be drinking about 1 ounce of water (1/8 of a cup) per pound of body weight every day. That’s just a guide though, so if your dog is thirsty because she’s been playing outside let her drink some water.

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Some people even give their dogs filtered water, which is good, but as long as the water is clean and fresh, running water should be fine.

4) Bath your dog with a proper dog shampoo

 stop a dog from shedding:

Bathing your dog is a great way to loosen and remove the old, dead hairs on your dog’s body, before they have a chance to fill your home, and to help protect and keep his skin and hair in optimal shape.

But, there is some important caution to this.

First, it’s is very necessary to use a nice quality shampoo that contains low bunch and harsh chemicals that could irritate or dry out your dog’s skin.  This is why it is advised to avoid using shampoo made by humans and stick with using one that’s made for dogs.


Some are even made particularly to loosen and remove the dead fur, while also shorting future shedding. You can even try a basic dog shampoo, like one that is made from cereal

5) Brush your Dog’s hair with the Right  hair Brush

 stop a dog from shedding: todocat.comBest Dog Brush For Long Haired Curly Coated Dog |

Brushing your dog is one of the easiest and most successful ways of reducing shedding. Especially if you use the right type of brush and start a regular brushing routine.

The main reason for brushing your dog’s hair is because it helps in removing the dead fur from your dog’s body before it starts dropping off. Similar to bathing, this is because, when you brush, you are removing the dead fur from your dog’s coat before it drops off.

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Similar to bathing, this basically frees your dog off the excess hair before it lands on the floors or furniture.

6) Try an omega-3 shedding supplemental.

omega 3 stop a dog from shedding: todocat.comomega 3 stop a dog from shedding:


Nothing happened or take place of a healthy, balanced. But there are some considerable supplements out there for dogs that point at reducing shedding that actually works.

And the most well-known supplements often cover some form of omega-3, which is a vital fatty acid that dogs can only get through diet.

The reason Omega-3 is such a well-known supplement is that it’s known to help improve your dog’s skin and body. Which in turn can lessen too much shedding.

7) Take control of fleas (How to stop a dog from shedding)

Helping your animal shed – naturally - StripHair

Fleas are not just annoying but are also irritating. They can actually cause unpleasant skin irritation and excessive shedding in dogs. Whenever you see your dog scratching itself it is a result of fleas.

In some cases, a good flea treatment that your pet doctor recommends should be adequate to deal with these problems. Regardless if it a flea tablet, flea shampoo, or some other type of flea treatment.


There’s no quick or permanent way to stop shedding, and even if you implement the tips mentioned in this article perfectly, you’re still likely to see or notice at least some hair around your home or furniture at times.

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