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How to keep your pets healthy while you’re away

Are you going on a trip or vacation soon? Do you probably have some big questions about how you can keep your pets healthy while you’re away? or what to do with your pet while you are gone.

Here are some tips to keep your pets healthy while you’re away

Nourish them!

Giving fresh water and food before you go away will both make sure that they are getting everything they need. You should also get them used to be fed at different times if possible so that when you are gone it won’t be too confusing for them.

Give them treats!

Make sure your pet is not overweight before the trip, but give an extra treat before leaving. This way when they feel lonesome, they will remember the tasty rewards waiting for them back at home.

Keep their environment clean!

There are many different kinds of litter out there, but your pet will probably be just fine with newspaper. If this seems too much, their litter will be completely disposable when you get home, so you can use it to make a gift for a friend or something. It is the basics to keep your pets healthy while you’re away

Take them with you!

This is not an ideal solution in most cases, but if you can’t leave them at home alone you should make sure to take them along in the car. This will help prevent accidents and better expose them to new things.

Make sure they are vaccinated!

One of the biggest things that float around when animals are not positive is that they are dirty. If your pet is not up-to-date on its shots, it can be more likely to catch something while you are away.

Make sure they are licensed!

If your pet runs away, it will be harder to bring them back home if they aren’t properly identified. Make sure you have an up-to-date tag on them with your phone number so that if someone finds them, you can get them back home! To get a license for your pet, click HERE.

It will help you to keep your pets healthy while you’re away.

Keep calm!

You want to have a good time on vacation, but worrying about how your pets are doing will only stress you out. Just remember that they are likely fine and if anything does happen there are many people who would love to help take care of them while you’re gone.

Keep them safe!

Some pets, such as the endangered species, may be more likely to be hurt by predators while you’re away. Make sure they have a lockable cage or crate, and that the garden is secure as well.

Support your pet’s friends!

If your pet has a friend who will miss them when you go away make sure to give them some extra love and treats. Maybe even make them a special surprise for their friends to show their appreciation for all the good care they gave you while you were gone.

Invite your pet to spend the day with you!

Make sure to give them plenty of attention and also take time out of your time to play with them as well. They will be happy to see you and it can also give you a good drive to go back home to your fur baby.

Let the kids help out!

Children are more likely to want to help out with pet care. So make sure they have a chance to do so. If they learn early on how important it is to take care of animals, they will hopefully grow up to be considerate adults.

Take lots of pictures!

Pet parents love to look back on the things their pets did while they were away. If you don’t have time to snap a photo, make sure you at least jot down some notes about how your pet was behaving when you left. Place a camera to record as well. It helps to keep your pets healthy while you’re away

These tips will hopefully help your pet stay healthy while you’re not around. If they do get sick, just remember that it is very important that they get treated right away. So be sure to give them the right medicine. With these tips and knowledge, you should be able to keep your pets healthy and happy!”

If you have any more tips about what to do while you’re away, please add them in the comments below!

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