How to cut cat’s claws?

Claws can be very strong and sharp, and therefore capable of causing a lot of damage to an apartment. However, it is not all that simple. Claw clipping is a challenge for many cat owners.

There are surely many questions in your head. How to cut a cat’s claws? Should I cut my cat’s claws? When to go to a specialist, and when to do it yourself? You will find all the answers later in the article. Learn some helpful tips that can help you do this rather difficult task. Cutting a cat’s nails doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.

Cat’s claws – everything you need to know

Cat’s claws differ significantly from dogs’ claws. The main difference is, among other things, that cats can hide their claws, which means that they do not rub and do not dull when walking. This is why a cat’s claws can be very sharp. In the case of dogs, it is completely different – these quadrupeds rub their nails against the ground, which is why they are usually rounded.

Cat’s nails are a real weapon that is used not only to grab, but also to inflict blows on its victim. Simply put, they play a very important role for your pet. They are used, inter alia, for defense, hunting and escape in times of danger.

Cats often scratch furniture and various other items. It is not only territorial, but also taking care of removing the old scales from the claw. That is why every cat should have a special scratching post to save furniture. You also need to remember to regularly trim the claws. This is one of the activities that should become a permanent part of cat care.

Should I cut my cat’s claws?

If you are in doubt as to whether to trim your cat’s claws, it’s best to ask the vet who is caring for your cat. It all depends on the specific case. Usually, however, clipping the cat’s nails is recommended for pets that are kept only indoors. If you want to stop worrying about whether your pet will harm you while playing or whether it will damage furniture, it is definitely better to have its claws cut. If you decide to take this step, remember that a properly performed procedure should not be an unpleasant experience for your cat, and it will also not hurt him or her.

Of course, this task will be a huge challenge at first, but you can try a few tricks to get it done faster and better. It is also important to get your pet used to care treatments, including cutting nails, from the very first weeks of his life. For older cats, clipping the claws can be quite a challenge. It is worth getting special cutters, delicacies and a lot of patience. It is also a good idea to ask the other person for help, as it may not be possible to do it yourself.

For outdoor cats that can run around the yard or climb trees, there is absolutely no need to trim the claws. Simply, before you decide on this care procedure, think about your pet’s lifestyle and whether clipping a cat’s claws is necessary in its case.

Cat nail care

Cat nail care is not as simple a topic as it might seem. It is needed for cats that do not leave the house and have nowhere to rub their nails. In such cases, they may start to destroy furniture, so it is also worth equipping the apartment with a scratching post.

Domestic cats don’t have a way to wipe their sharp claws naturally, so owners should take care to cut them off. The situation is completely different in the case of the so-called outgoing cats, which run outside and climb trees. It is worth taking care of your pet and not forgetting the basic activities related to care.

How to cut a cat’s claws?

You already know in which cases it is worth considering clipping your cat’s nails. So a very important question arises – how to cut a cat’s claws? First of all, you must remember that you need to get your pet used to this, as well as many other care treatments, from the first weeks of life. Everything should take place in a friendly atmosphere, preferably without the use of force, so that it is not a traumatic experience for him, which he will want to avoid like fire.

It is best to cut a cat’s claws right after their nap. Then he will be still sleepy and definitely more calm. First of all, remember not to cut your cat’s nails with tools that are intended for humans. You should stock up on special pet clippers. The cat’s claws will probably be hidden, but it is enough to gently press the pads to make them pop out; then you can proceed to clipping them. Only the white part of the nail is cut. Don’t forget to reward your pet with his favorite treat after the treatment.

However, if you are afraid to cut your cat’s nails yourself at home, you can consult a vet. A specialist is certainly skilled in this and will cope with such a task quickly. You will pay about a dozen or so zlotys for such a service.

Cutting a cat’s nails – what to do with this care procedure?

First of all, it must be made clear that you must not use tools intended for humans to clip the nails of cats. In the pet store you will find special equipment intended for clipping claws on animals. What is best to choose? You can use ordinary scissors, pliers with a safety lock or with a guillotine. There are also models with a sensor that detects the nerve.

Cutting claws in a cat – what is the price?

Taking care of your pet is extremely important and you shouldn’t forget about activities such as clipping your cat’s claws. The price of such a procedure is small, so if you are unable to perform this procedure yourself at home, because your cat is naughty and you are simply afraid that you will hurt him, you can go to the vet. In a professional veterinary clinic, the doctor will certainly help you with this minor procedure, and you will pay a dozen or so zlotys for it. You don’t have to bother with it at home. Sometimes it is better to go to a specialist who is skilled in such tasks.
Trimming cat’s claws is a huge challenge for many owners. However, if your pet does not leave the house and does not have the opportunity to rub his claws, you will have to cut his nails at home. It is worth gradually preparing him for this; a great option is also to ask for help from a vet who can quickly cope with this task.