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How to cook chicken and rice for dogs.

This article will show you how to cook chicken and rice for dogs. This recipe is easy, nutritious, and tasty. The only downside? It’s the blandest meal on this list, to be honest, so if you want some flavor I advise adding things like carrots or something fried.

The reason for cooking chicken and rice for your dog is quite simple- it’s a substitute meal that can be eaten day in and day out as a staple food. Also, it’s easier to prepare with a smaller cut of chicken and it can be cooked slowly over a low heat so you won’t burn your dog.

It took me several attempts before I could get my dog to like chicken and rice, but after he got the hang of it I started noticing that his overall health rose. Chicken is essentially another form of protein besides his regular diet which contains natural meat, organs, and bones.


When eating chicken, dogs mainly consume the meat which has often been shown to prevent cancer in certain breeds when eaten regularly. Studies have also shown that dogs on a diet containing chicken do not get as ill as they would if they went without it.

Rice is very similar in nutrition to potatoes, and adding it to your dog’s diet helps promote weight gain and better coats. If you’re worried about possible allergic reactions if your dog has never eaten rice, I would suggest mixing it in just a little bit at first and gradually adding more until your dog is used to it.

Ingredients needed to cook chicken and rice for dogs:

Boneless chicken breast-

A fairly small piece should be sufficient as most people only feed 1/4 of the breast to their dogs. Try not to use the skin or fat as these two parts are unhealthy for your dog except for the fat on meat bones. Chicken breasts can be found in any supermarket.

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White Rice-

This can be found in any supermarket. Make sure you get the long grain as it’s healthier for your dog.

Water- This will be needed to cook the chicken and rice and can be obtained from any source. (If you have a gas stove you can use that to boil water; just remember to turn it off before filling).


Chicken and rice taste better when cooked on a pan but if you don’t have one a pot will do just fine as long as it has no holes or chips. All dogs are different so choose whatever is most convenient for you. (I use a mix of both a pot and a pan).

A spoon-

If you don’t have one (which is highly doubtful) you can improvise.


These will be used to give your dog chicken and rice a little flavor. The best things to use are oil, salt, chili powder, soy sauce, pepper, and garlic powder. You may choose to mix or add other spices or seasonings but these are some of the most common items used in chicken and rice recipes by most people.


Any kind of vegetables (i.e carrots) can be added to make it more nutritious but your dog should not have any of these ingredients in the first place as they may cause adverse reactions if he has never had them before. (dogs have been known to have allergic reactions to potatoes, this has not been proven with carrots, but it is possible).


How to cook chicken and rice for dogs

  1. Rinse the chicken and the rice in cold water to remove any blood, then pat dry with a kitchen towel. 2. Heat oil in a large frying pan and fry the chicken for 5 minutes, then remove from the pan and set aside.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of salt into the rice, set aside for now.
  3. Cut up the chicken into small pieces (about 1/4-inch cubes), roll them around on a plate to help so that they break apart into more manageable size for your dog’s mouth size and swallow sizes.
  4. Chop up any large bones or horns before you start cooking too, these can become dangerous choking hazards if your dog starts chewing on them during eating time!
  5. Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch into the chicken, again set aside for now.
  6. If your dog is “allergic to corn,” try sunflower or pumpkin seeds as he prefers instead.
  7. Cover the chicken and rice with a sauce of your choice (condiments). Pepper, hot sauce, mustard, Worcestershire sauce… anything that can add flavor and spice!
  8. Mix in about 1/4-cup of water for the rice and make sure that everything is evenly distributed in both rice and chicken.
  9. Start cooking approximately 25 minutes before your dog is hungry to avoid burning your food! Cook on low while you are at work or out of the house.
  10. Allow your dog to eat their meal, and enjoy!
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As a dog owner myself, I have learned that as long as you prepare food in the right way, your pet will enjoy it. One favorite dog dish of mine is chicken and rice, but it can be tricky to make for a finicky eater. Here’s what you need to know before giving your dog this tasty meal.

1) Gather the right ingredients:

When it comes to making chicken and rice for pets, use at least 1/2 cup of cooked white rice per 2 cups of cooked chicken breast halves. It is also recommended that you use low-sodium or salt-free broth or water instead of water with added salt.

2) Preparation:

Once all your ingredients have been gathered, carefully remove the chicken breast halves and cut them up into bite-size pieces. You can then season the meat by mixing it with some soy sauce, crushed garlic, and ginger to suit your taste or pets.

3) Cooking:

In a large, heavy skillet or wok, add 2 cups of broth or water and bring to a boil. Now add the chicken pieces and cook until the chicken is no longer pink in the middle. Once done, drain some of the broth or water from the pan before putting it into a rice cooker at this point so that you can continue cooking your rice as well.

4) Cooking the rice:

The most important thing to know if you want to cook chicken and rice for dogs is to cook the rice. Make sure to cook the rice according to the package directions. Once done, add it to the chicken mixture. Salt and pepper (if desired) and serve to your pet warm.

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Since I have gotten my dog, I have found a way to enjoy chicken and rice again, so I know that you will be able to make this dish at home as well. Happy cooking! This recipe has been written by a site member. The site is not responsible for any mistakes or errors in the recipe.

Is Chicken & Rice good for Dogs?

There are a lot of questions about what a dog can or cannot eat, especially when it comes to carbs. Rice is often viewed as less healthy than other options like potatoes or pasta, but this isn’t the case. When it comes to types of carbs, rice is one of the healthier ones out there.

Grains such as rice are a great part of a dog’s diet, especially when combined with chicken or another protein source. It can be one of the healthier carbs. Just be sure to avoid “junk food” like processed boxed meals that have additives and chemicals in them. The good news is that you can find healthy grains for your dog to eat at most pet stores, so you don’t have to resort to box meals ever again!

What you want to avoid with your dog’s diet is anything heavily processed and full of additives. This includes packaged meals which often contain preservatives and chemicals resulting in weight gain and health problems for your pet over time. And, rice can be a good source of protein for dogs. By adding a grain-free meal to your dog’s diet daily, you will help it stay healthy and prevent weight gain.

Another benefit provided by rice and other grains is that they also contain B vitamins, making them a great source of energy for dogs who work out regularly. However, to follow the advice mentioned above, you need to keep in mind that everything needs moderation when it comes to feeding your pet. So, if you want your dog to be healthy and happy for the rest of its life then be sure it eats balanced meals containing grains like rice.