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What any dog owner fear is waking up in the morning only for you to notice that your dog has had a running stomach overnight and there is diarrhea all over the ground.Washing up this kind of It’s what any dog owner fears:

you getting up in the morning only to see that your dog has had litter the right way is very important because dirt and stains look displeasing and you don’t want the bad smell to start smelling all over in your house. In addition, any displeasing odor or smell could draw the dog back to that same spot to use it as a toilet again in the future.

To prevent all these problems it is very important to clean and disinfect the area quickly and effectively. In this post, I will be mentioning the 2 methods on how to cleaning dog diarrhea

Method 1: cleaning diarrhea from a solid surface


1. Protect yourself and the rest of your home.

Wear disposable rubber gloves to protect and prevent your hands from getting dirty. you should also have an open plastic leather bag close by. so that you can put dirty items inside the bag. rather than exposing them dropping them all over the house on the way to the trash can.


2. Clean the stools up.

You will have to remove it before it dries onto the surface. as it will be very hard to clean up if it does. cleaning up the diarrhea is best done by wiping it up using tissue paper towels or rags. which can be disposed of away after use.


3.Use a cleaner in the area.

You will have to sanitize the area and make sure that your dog doesn’t think that it has a new spot to stool. Use a wiper that is safe for your floors first. This will make sure the area is actually clean. Then use a pet odor neutralizer. This will get rid of any stench that might summon your dog back to the same spot.


Method 2 cleaning diarrhea from a carpet.


1.Prepare for cleaning.


Wear disposable leather gloves to protect your hands from having contact with the stools. Get a leather bag so that you can drop dirty items into the leather bag. The aim is to prevent spreading the dirt anywhere else in the house.


2.Clean the stool up as soon as possible.


Ensure to clean up the mess before it gets dries on the surface. This is best done by wiping up using any disposable kitchen paper. Or by using towels that can be thrown away after use.


3.Remove as much of the stool as possible.

If there is any waste matter caught in the carpet, try to use the side of a kitchen knife or cake slice lifter in a sideways stroking motion to try and cheer the matter to the surface and pick it up freely.


4.Blot the area and rinse the area until you can’t see the feces anymore.


as soon as the size of the “spill’ is no more visible, pin it down gently onto it with a towel. or other types of disposable rags, to clean up as much water as possible. Ensure to prevent too many amounts of pressure as this can push the detritus deeper into the carpet.


5.Consider using a carpet cleaner.

If you have a damp-dry carpet cleaner run that on top of the area. The cleaner will immerse the area in carpet shampoo and pull it out again. Ensure to spend a lot of time focus on sucking up the soiled shampoo. So that you can detach as much of the dirty water as possible.


6.Use a solution of biological washing detergent on the area.

The dog mess contains protein and biological washing detergent is good at breaking this down because it contains enzymes.


7.Consider using a household product if you don’t have a commercial product to use. (CLEAN UP DOG DIARRHEA)

You can spray baking soda into the carpet, ensure to rinse with water. It can also be done using diluted vinegar to clean up the dirt. This cleaning method is roughly one to one mix of white vinegar and water. So to 1 cup of white vinegar add 1 cup of water in a basin. Soak the spot with the mix and then blot.

Continue to repeat the method as many times as needed.



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